Stories by Tim Mendham

Taxing Times

Bill Gibson might be the Australian Taxation Office’s first CIO, but he’s no stranger to dramatic changes in policy

Written by Tim Mendham09 June 04 11:23

Capital Risk

The ACT government is confident that it’s new “cradle-to-grave” risk management framework will reduce wasteful spending of citizens’ tax dollars

Written by Tim Mendham09 June 04 13:49

No Surprises

Here's some advice you can take to the bank: CEOs do not like surprises (just ask Frank Cicutto).

Written by Tim Mendham10 May 04 12:00

Playing from the Pack

A new report on how to assess and sell your IT spend hits the analysis market

Written by Tim Mendham07 April 04 14:35

Getting the Point

The federal government’s Business Entry Point has taken a global lead in breaking down barriers between the tiers of government and easing the burden of compliance on business

Written by Tim Mendham02 April 04 11:50

On the Road Again

VicRoads is leading the charge towards a new era of government outsourcing.

Written by Tim Mendham09 Dec. 03 16:39

Fightin' Words

Nicholas Carr's provocative essay: IT Doesn't Matter ignited a war of words between IT professionals and their business colleagues, but amid the slanging match serious questions are being raised about IT's ability to deliver competitive advantage.

Written by Tim Mendham08 Oct. 03 10:06

The Tactics of Strategy

No longer shut out of planning sessions, IT managers are at long last taking an active role in their organisations’ strategic development. But in the rush to create all-encompassing visions, are important distinctions between strategy and tactics being overlooked?

Written by Tim Mendham07 Oct. 03 15:50

At Your Peril

When the most popular Australian standard ever produced concerns itself with risk management, then you know you’re onto a hot topic

Written by Tim Mendham07 Oct. 03 15:00

Letting GO

You know how to hire and retain, but do you know how to let people go?

Written by Tim Mendham10 March 03 13:56

Skills so Soft

What's a CIO's top asset? Technology expertise? Business nous? The relationship with the CEO? In the new world order it could be people skills

Written by Tim Mendham04 April 00 14:41

Take My Apps -- Please

Technology aside, what are the business benefits of application service providers? And what is the effect on the CIO role?

Written by Tim Mendham01 Dec. 99 12:25