Stories by Tim Mendham

Dealing with disaster

Earthquakes? Volcanoes? Pandemics? Tsunamis? Are these the stuff of business continuity? Gartner has issued several papers covering major disasters such as the Iceland volcano eruption and its impact on business travel, admitting that “few, if any, businesses plan for a volcanic ash disruption scenario”, which is probably the understatement of the year.

Written by Tim Mendham06 Sept. 10 10:08

Rough Type

Revisiting Nick Carr, whose infamous "IT Doesn't Matter" article caused a huge fuss when CIO covered it back in 2003

Written by Tim Mendham03 May 06 13:22

Big Picture Projects

What are the critical factors that make a major IT project either succeed or fall flat on its face?

Written by Tim Mendham18 April 06 11:53

The State of Project Management

Projects that run over schedule, over budget or underperform aren't exclusive to the public sector, but the need to be open and accountable makes successful project management even more challenging for government CIOs

Written by Tim Mendham01 Nov. 05 09:52

Show of Support

AMP's IT support department does more than fix problems - it sits right on the front line of the company's customer strategy

Written by Tim Mendham05 May 05 12:37

Facing the BPO Music

Somewhere between price and performance sits the secret to a harmonious outsourcing relationship - if you can convince your partners to sing the same tune.

Written by Tim Mendham04 April 05 14:32

Shooting Star

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare is one of the first government agencies in the country to get serious about metadata.

Written by Tim Mendham29 March 05 15:14

The Integration Imperative

A recent survey of CIOs on their experience with business integration projects presents a worrying scenario - costs as a percentage of IT budget are high, successful completion is going down, the easy ones have all been done and the remaining projects are more complex and prone to failure in reaching their expected ROI.

Written by Tim Mendham08 March 05 09:31

CIO: Wield Thyself

Vendor CIOs are starting to add their expertise to sales and marketing efforts, helping to increase brand awareness and customer satisfaction - and in some cases, even closing deals

Written by Tim Mendham07 Dec. 04 12:59

Looking for Leaders

Grooming future leaders isn't easy. CIOs must be prepared to both change and make changes

Written by Tim Mendham07 Dec. 04 11:17

Open for Business

A recent report published by CSC's Leading Edge Forum makes a strong case for open source software, but is sound business sense being lost amid all the cheerleading?

Written by Tim Mendham09 Nov. 04 11:10

Yard's Measure

Former UK Inland Revenue Service CIO John Yard has managed one of the largest outsourcing contracts in the world - twice!

Written by Tim Mendham05 Oct. 04 23:01

The Last Nick Carr Story Ever - Promise (But it's a corker)

Far too many of Nick "It Doesn't Matter" Carr's critics didn't bother to read past the headline of his Harvard Business Review essay. Now, in his new book, Carr posits an even more depressing scenario. Perhaps it's worth more than a casual squiz and a heap of knee-jerk reactions

Written by Tim Mendham10 Sept. 04 12:53

Putting FaCS in Order

The Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services proves that a systematic approach to project management is still the best way to guarantee that IT projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Written by Tim Mendham16 Aug. 04 07:31

Are We Happy Yet?

Even when an outsourcing project goes as planned, many CIOs still feel like they're not getting everything they paid for.

Written by Tim Mendham06 Aug. 04 09:33