Stories by Esther Shein

Winning the war for AI talent

With tech giants soaking up all available talent, enterprises are scrambling to staff up for an AI-fueled future by partnering with universities and grooming talent from within.

Written by Esther Shein06 Feb. 18 22:00

Cloud ERP: The rising alternative to hosting your own

CIOs faced with brittle on-premises ERP systems and the desire to free up valuable IT resources are increasingly looking to the cloud as a reliable, scalable solution for their ERP needs.

Written by Esther Shein06 Sept. 17 20:00

Hidden cloud migration gotchas — and how to avoid them

From a lack of visibility into infrastructure to licensing and governance issues, frustrating surprises await your migration to the cloud. Here’s a real-world look at how traditional companies are navigating the cloud’s less-documented challenges.

Written by Esther Shein26 June 17 20:00

Decisions, decisions: Choices abound as data center architecture options expand

When the American Red Cross talks about mission-critical systems, it's referring to the blood supply that helps save lives. The non-profit organization manages 40% of the U.S.'s blood supply, so stability, reliability and tight security are of paramount concern, says DeWayne Bell, vice president of IT infrastructure and engineering.

Written by Esther Shein22 Dec. 14 22:09

What vacation? Expect to work while you're away

In these lean times, backups aren't what they used to be; it's inevitable that IT staffers will be called to help, especially when an important issue is brewing.

Written by Esther Shein10 July 14 21:23

Businesses adopting robots for new tasks

Thanks to better sensors and other tech advances, robots are being used for new applications, including quality control.

Written by Esther Shein01 Aug. 13 13:30

Data center fabrics catching on, slowly

Early adopters say the expense and time spent to revamp a data center's switching gear are well worth it; benefits include killer bandwidth and more flexibility.

Written by Esther Shein25 June 12 11:05

Data analytics driving medical breakthroughs

A hospital is usually a pretty busy place, but the neonatal intensive care unit at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children has been buzzing with even more activity than is customary. Thanks to a new technology partnership, the hospital is working to use analytics to predict more accurately than ever before which premature babies are at most risk for disease and infection.

Written by Esther Shein04 April 12 23:47

Guide: How to bulletproof your website

'Tis the season to begin ramping up online shopping activity, and for retailers that means doing all they can to ensure their websites are up, highly available and able to handle peak capacity. Looming in many IT managers' minds is the cautionary tale of Target, whose website crashed twice after it was inundated by an unprecedented number of online shoppers when the retailer began selling clothing and accessories from high-end Italian fashion company Missoni.

Written by Esther Shein29 Nov. 11 03:32

Avatars rising in the enterprise

Avatars aren't just for the movies or for techies with time on their hands. Organizations are using virtual worlds for training, simulation and prototyping, among other things.

Written by Esther Shein09 April 10 03:55

Telepresence catching on, but hold onto your wallet

With the economy in a downturn, it's no surprise that companies have been slashing travel budgets. But at MetLife, officials say the focus is also on employees' quality of life, keeping them home as much as possible.

Written by Esther Shein23 Jan. 10 06:56

Open-source CRM and ERP: New kids on the cloud

When Nikon decided to merge and consolidate customer data from more than 25 disparate sources into one system, officials didn't want the burden of maintaining it in-house, yet whatever they went with had to meet all their requirements and work picture-perfect.

Written by Esther Shein31 Oct. 09 04:37

All Seeing All Knowing

The tools developed to track IT assets are now being used company-wide. And during tough economic times, those are the best tools to have.

Written by Esther Shein06 June 01 11:41

Contact Centres: Smooth Operators

When customers reach a company via phone or Web, they expect top service. Only top sevice representatives can give it to them.

Written by Esther Shein25 Aug. 00 13:29