Stories by Shane O'Neill

Blog: Is Windows Vista 'Capable' or Culpable?

Once-private e-mails between executives at Microsoft, Intel and Hewlett-Packard are tumbling out of the "Windows Vista Capable" class-action lawsuit and it's becoming more of a tangled web each day.

Written by Shane O'Neill21 Nov. 08 10:07

Blog: Microsoft Turns to Windows 7 to Solve Netbook Problem

There are little things in life that nag at you long enough that you can't ignore them anymore: a growing leak stain in your ceiling, a strange sound coming from your car, Miley Cyrus, Frank TV.

Written by Shane O'Neill10 Nov. 08 11:41

Blog: Are Smartphones Threatening Windows Laptop Sales?

When Apple didn't budge on prices for its new MacBooks a few weeks ago, I thought it was typical hubris. I felt it was Apple saying, 'we don't compete with those lowly Windows PCs, so they can drop prices all they want. We have our trendy high-end buyers set in stone. We're in a different league.'

Written by Shane O'Neill07 Nov. 08 13:07

Blog: Windows 7 Pre-beta Good for a Buzz

It's way way way too early to call Windows 7 a success, but I will say that the post-PDC buzz about 7 has been more positive than I had anticipated.

Written by Shane O'Neill01 Nov. 08 10:57

Blog: At Least Microsoft Admits There is a Recession

Apple often reminds me of that well-to-do friend who's always buying rounds of drinks and shows up one day with a new car at a time when everyone else is counting pennies.

Written by Shane O'Neill01 Nov. 08 10:47

Five Reasons Why Skipping Windows Vista Could Backfire

Though it's tempting, skipping a Microsoft Vista migration and jumping right to Windows 7 could be disastrous for your enterprise, Gartner advises. Here's five points to consider before writing off Vista for its successor.

Written by Shane O'Neill23 Oct. 08 11:21