Stories by Bill Snyder

Consumers increasingly dissatisfied with PCs, tablets

Junkware, poor support, and slow processors are among consumers' top complaints about desktops PC, laptops, and tablets, according to a new survey that placed Apple at the top and Acer at the bottom of a consumer satisfaction ranking.

Written by Bill Snyder22 Sept. 15 21:59

Video on demand continues to kill big cable

A new global survey of more than 20,000 people shows that they value on-demand programming, mobile video, and lower prices, and traditional TV viewership continues to decline.

Written by Bill Snyder04 Sept. 15 17:23

Surprise! Best Buy prices often on par with Amazon

Best Buy closed the price gap on electronics and tech gadgets during the past years, and its in-store prices are often just as low — sometimes lower — than, according to new research.

Written by Bill Snyder02 Sept. 15 15:42

Why Microsoft Edge browser's lack of add-ons is a deal breaker

Microsoft's new Windows 10 OS may eventually prove to be a hit, but the lack of support for browser extensions in Edge is an Achilles heel that needs to be addressed sooner than later. Unfortunately, Microsoft won't say when Edge will get add-ons.

Written by Bill Snyder27 Aug. 15 15:54

Good riddance to bad U.S. wireless service contracts

Verizon and Sprint recently joined T-Mobile in the movement to kill wireless service contracts, and AT&T is likely to follow in the near future. For most consumers, that's a good thing, but a lack of contracts means you'll pay more for new smartphones.

Written by Bill Snyder24 Aug. 15 16:50

9 signs your computer's hard drive is about to die

What's more boring than an old hard drive? Not much ... until it suddenly isn't. When that little package of chips, wires and glass dies, it can be panic time.

Written by Bill Snyder14 Aug. 15 23:35

Corvette hack is one more reason to be wary of connected cars

Researchers have hacked into cars from multiple automobile makers, including Fiat Chrysler and Tesla, and now there's been a controlled hack of a Chevy Corvette, which cut out its brake functionality and demonstrated clear vulnerability.

Written by Bill Snyder12 Aug. 15 23:32

Epson's new 'EcoTank' printers sound great, but ...

By now, you know that many printer manufacturers sell you cheap printers and then make you buy expensive ink cartridges, right? So at first glance, Epson's recent announcement that it will soon sell printers with refillable ink wells seems like a great, money-saving idea. Not so fast.

Written by Bill Snyder06 Aug. 15 23:35