Stories by Bill Snyder

FCC says sites don't have to honor 'do-not-track' requests

Despite a recent FCC ruling in the favor of sites that gather user data for advertising, savvy Web surfers don't have take no for an answer when it comes to privacy, thanks to two useful anti-tracking tools.

Written by Bill Snyder10 Nov. 15 16:20

Cord cutting more attractive as streaming-video market heats up

As the new Apple TV hits store shelves, the cord cutting movement is gaining momentum thanks to an increasing number of attractive programming options and significant market developments involving Time Warner Cable and Comcast.

Written by Bill Snyder02 Nov. 15 16:00

Smartphones, tablets might not be bad for kids after all

A respected group of pediatricians that previously warned against the use of electronic devices by kids has changed its tune, but other experts suggest old school toys and books are still better options.

Written by Bill Snyder26 Oct. 15 16:01

2 good reasons to avoid Microsoft's Edge browser

Microsoft Edge doesn't current support browser extensions, and a new feature spotted in a leaked version of Windows 10 is sure to annoy anyone who wants to use Chrome or Firefox instead of Edge.

Written by Bill Snyder21 Oct. 15 16:55

LG Gram is a MacBook Air rival for PC users

The MacBook Air is the gold standard of thin and light laptops, but it is aging, and LG wants to one-up Apple with its sleek new Gram PC.

Written by Bill Snyder30 Sept. 15 15:00

Advertisers can now pay to sneak by your ad blocker

The developers of popular ad blockers, such as Adblock Plus and Crystal, are taking kickbacks from advertisers in exchange for preferential treatment, so Web surfers see certain ads even if they use ad blocking software.

Written by Bill Snyder29 Sept. 15 22:23

Firefox's new IM, privacy features are worth a look

Mozilla announced two new versions of its Firefox browser, an official release with valuable new IM features, and another beta version that adds advanced privacy controls.

Written by Bill Snyder24 Sept. 15 15:56