Stories by Bill Snyder

How to fix Microsoft's latest Windows 10 update blunder

Microsoft pushed out yet another problematic Windows 10 update, and it erases customizations made to the 'normal' template in Word 2016. The company confirmed the issue, and though it hasn't released an official fix, it offered a way to recover lost tweaks.

Written by Bill Snyder23 Dec. 15 16:43

How to pay less for TV and get much more

Why continue to pay for cable or satellite TV options you never use? This eight-step strategy can help you significantly reduce your TV bill without giving up the services you really want.

Written by Bill Snyder22 Dec. 15 17:13

Microsoft backtracks, returns free OneDrive storage

Microsoft last month slashed free OneDrive storage and made a number of unwelcome tweaks to paid plans, but thousands of consumer complaints inspired the company to reverse some — though not all — of the changes.

Written by Bill Snyder11 Dec. 15 23:54

Amazon beefs up Prime streaming, but is it worth the price?

Amazon this week unveiled new, paid add-ons for its Prime streaming video service. As premium TV content goes cable free, consumers get more options — but people who don't do their homework could regret 'cutting the cord.'

Written by Bill Snyder09 Dec. 15 16:51

How to fix those pesky Windows 10 OS update issues

Microsoft pushes out frequent Windows 10 updates, and many of these fixes and enhancements are important. Unfortunately, some users have been unable to apply the latest software. Here's how to resolve the most common Windows 10 update issues.

Written by Bill Snyder08 Dec. 15 16:47

6 important considerations before you cut the cord

'Tis the season to cut the cord and stop paying those ridiculous cable bills. Cord cutting can be more trouble than its worth, however, if you don't do your homework. These 6 tips will ease the process and ensure you get your money's worth.

Written by Bill Snyder24 Nov. 15 17:07

Yahoo Mail ad-block ban proves the Web is broken

Many online publishers view ad blockers as threats, so it should be no surprise that some, including Yahoo, are fighting back. However, such moves could have lasting effects on the modern Web.

Written by Bill Snyder23 Nov. 15 16:52

4 simple ways to secure your Internet-connected car

Cars with systems that connect to the Internet are potentially vulnerable to intrusions by hackers. Here are four steps to help protect your automobile without spending a dime.

Written by Bill Snyder20 Nov. 15 17:49

Google Voice Search is gettting smarter

Recent improvements in the Google app let the search engine understand you better and handle more complex queries delivered in natural language.

Written by Bill Snyder17 Nov. 15 09:20