Stories by Bill Snyder

Tech Support Hell: Ways to Avoid It

Marylyn Tesconi, who manages a large office, takes graduate-level courses and volunteers at a local health clinic in San Francisco, has more than enough to do without spending hours on the phone trying to get her home router to work. And she certainly has no patience for techs who yell and supervisors who hang up without solving her problem.

Written by Bill Snyder22 Jan. 10 05:38

Three Alternatives to Office 2010

It's a New Year, time to break bad old habits and make vows to live a better life. I can't help you lose weight or stop smoking, but I do have one suggestion: Break the habit of using Microsoft Office.

Written by Bill Snyder15 Jan. 10 05:45

2010 tech forecasts: What the accurate analysts predict

A venerable New Year's tradition in the tech world entails trotting out year-old predictions by analyst shops and laughing at their off-base prognostications. But here's a surprise: The two biggest analyst firms still standing -- Gartner and IDC -- did a pretty good job a year ago forecasting the shape of IT in 2009, as did the smaller Forrester Research and 451 Group.

Written by Bill Snyder06 Jan. 10 07:07

Why the Cloud Should Have Your Back-Up

I realize I'm dating myself, but the first computer I ever owned didn't have a hard drive. It had two drive bays that held 5.25 inch floppies. Later, I bought a then revolutionary machine, an 8086 I think, with a 40 MB hard drive, and I wondered how anyone could ever fill it up. And the last time I moved, I discovered a box filled with floppies and 250 MB Zip drives.

Written by Bill Snyder15 Dec. 09 05:53

Tech Vendors Behaving Badly: Support Just Gets Worse

I had a problem with the power steering on my old Toyota, so I took it to a mechanic, and he told me, "We'll try and fix it." "Excuse me, you'll try?" "Right, we'll try, but if we can't, we'll charge you anyway."

Written by Bill Snyder07 Dec. 09 06:21

Open-Source CRM Delivers More Control, Less Cost

A good CRM package does you no good if employees aren't willing to use it. Case in point: IMA Financial Group, a medium-sized financial services company based in the US. IMA had installed a commercial customer relationship management system that "was flexible and configurable and attractive on the front end," says business processes manager Jennifer Hallam.

Written by Bill Snyder07 July 08 13:28

Cloud Computing: Tales From The Front

Writer Nicholas Carr will earn the enmity of even more tech veterans with his newest prediction: Cloud computing will put most IT departments out of business. "IT departments will have little left to do once the bulk of business computing shifts out of private datacentres and into the cloud," Carr writes in his new book, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google.

Written by Bill Snyder05 May 08 14:52