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Engineer fired for privacy violations, Google says

A Google engineer was fired for violating the company's privacy rules, Google said Wednesday, responding to a report that the engineer had improperly accessed the accounts of several teenagers.

Written by Sumner Lemon15 Sept. 10 17:50

VCE coalition signs up first Asian operator

The Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) coalition has signed up its first Asian operator customer -- Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) -- ten months after the partnership was created to offer packages of hardware and software for data centers, it said this week.

Written by Sumner Lemon14 Sept. 10 16:54

Mark Hurd joins Oracle as co-president

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd has been appointed co-president of Oracle, the software company announced Monday.

Written by Sumner Lemon07 Sept. 10 11:03

Internet access in emerging markets to double by 2015

The number of people with Internet access in Brazil, Russia, China, India and Indonesia will double by 2015, management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group said in a report released Wednesday.

Written by Sumner Lemon01 Sept. 10 17:29

Server sales post biggest jump since 2003, IDC says

Worldwide server sales posted their biggest jump since 2003 during the second quarter as Hewlett-Packard outsold rival IBM to take the top spot among server vendors, IDC said Tuesday.

Written by Sumner Lemon26 Aug. 10 05:26

Executive steps down for review of Apple kickback charges

A top executive at JLJ Holdings, the parent company of a Singapore-based Apple supplier named in an alleged kickback scheme, has stepped down from his position "for the time being" as the company pursues an investigation of the charges, it said Thursday.

Written by Sumner Lemon20 Aug. 10 12:07

Lenovo's sales surge in China and emerging markets

Lenovo Group's sales in China rose 50 percent and sales in emerging markets doubled during the company's fiscal first quarter ended June 30, it said Thursday.

Written by Sumner Lemon19 Aug. 10 11:25

Battle lines drawn over parallel processing

Intel tried to push back at coverage of a recently published paper that found its Core i7 processors couldn't match the parallel processing performance of an Nvidia GPU, saying its rival took the findings of the paper out of context in a blog post that trumpeted the results.

Written by Sumner Lemon25 June 10 20:51

Sony Ericsson focused on smartphones, but keeps options open

Despite the hype that's built up around tablet computers and handheld devices with larger screens, Sony Ericsson remains focused on smartphones even as it keeps its future product options open, according to a top company executive.

Written by Sumner Lemon21 June 10 05:08

AT&T reportedly bungles handling of private data, again

This hasn't been AT&T's month. First, security researchers found a loophole in the company's Web site that could be used to reveal e-mail addresses for tens of thousands of Apple iPad customers. Now, some users are reporting that when they log in to their AT&T accounts to pre-order the iPhone 4 they are apparently given access to the account information of other people.

Written by Sumner Lemon16 June 10 16:11

PayPal: Singapore gov't can 'make' mobile e-commerce market

Unsure that market forces alone can do the job, PayPal is betting Singapore's government can spur the development and adoption of mobile e-commerce applications in the Southeast Asian city-state.

Written by Sumner Lemon17 June 10 04:07