Tricks and tips that will help you get the most out of those new Xmas gadgets

Did you get a new tablet, smartphone or laptop for the holidays?  If so, you'll want to tune it to your interests/needs to get the most out of it. Here is a list of resources that can help:


* 12 must-have iPad apps for newbies

* 20 essential business apps for iPhone and iPad

* The best office apps for your iPad, round 5

* 25 Must-Have iPad Office Apps, Round 7

* Best iPhone/iPad games of 2013


* The 7 best new features in iOS 7

* iOS 7 Must Know Tips and Tricks you need to learn

* 9 Top iPhone and iPad Productivity and Time Management Apps

* 15 Must-Have iOS Apps You Can't Get on Any Other Platform

* 15 Best iPhone Apps for Busy CEOs

Android phone

* 18 Must-Have Android Productivity Apps

* Android lock screen widgets: 20 excellent options

* 15 Free Apps for Personalizing Your Android Phone

Android tablet

* 11 Best Android Tablet Apps for Newbies, all Free

* 10 Must-Have Android Apps for Business

* 5 outstanding Android keyboard apps

* Best Google Nexus 7 Apps: 16 Android-Tablet Downloads, All Free

* Best Android office suite shoot-out

* Best Android Widgets: 19 Apps With a Personal Touch


* 10 Windows 8 tips, tricks and hacks

* The 10 best new features in OS X Mavericks

* The Best BlackBerry 10 Apps

* 8 Amazon Kindle Fire Apps for Newbies

* 10 portable battery chargers keep your device powered

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