Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses To Be Out By Year's End

Google’s long awaited Android-based augmented reality glasses could be out by end year. The New York Times’ Bits blog and the 9to5Google blog reports indicate the search giant is developing a pair of glasses capable of relaying information about real objects to wearers as they see them in their environments. The high tech eyewear device may even show reviews for restaurants whenever a wearer gazes at one.

Complete with a voice input and output, speculation on the gadget's range of capabilities reveals an array of quality features. For instance, when combined with Google Maps and GPS sensors, the glasses could search for nearby landmarks and provide walking directions to users. Using Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G technology, the glasses will relay data directly to the internet. According to the New York Times, the device will retail at between US$250 and $600. Whereas the innovation is not entirely new, as there are Smartphone apps capable of displaying restaurant reviews when users gaze their phones on restaurant names, Google’s glasses are gadgets straight out of science fiction.

The enhanced reality availed by the glasses makes such science fiction vision more real. In the future, the technology may potentially give users useful information right in their face as they walk around. You may not have to take out your phone to use an app for whatever information; it will all be presented in real time right in your face. Separately, the Center for Digital Democracy filed a complaint last week with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission asking the agency to force Google to halt its plan to consolidate user identities across its services and fine the company for violating an October privacy settlement.