Quickflix signs streaming deal with Samsung

Online movie rental service Quickflix (ASX:QFX) has arranged to offer its streaming service on Samsung devices, including internet-enabled TVs and Blu-ray players.

The deal also covers offering the service on Galaxy Tab tablets and some Galaxy smartphones, marking the first time Quickflix' streaming service will be available on Android.

The companies have revealed that the streaming service will be available on Samsung devices by midyear.

QFX shares grew 13.79% to $0.099 in Tuesday's trading following the announcement.

Quickflix launched its streaming service on Sony's Bravia range of internet-enabled TVs and home theatre centres in October last year - after clinching a deal with Sony in July – and on PCs and Macs in November.

Quickflix has also arranged to launch the service on the PlayStation Network, which it plans to do soon.

Earlier this month, Quickflix entered a licensing agreement to allow it to offer HBO TV series and films on the streaming service.