Webfirm ad automation platform lands offshore

Webfirm (ASX:WFM) has announced it has completed the first international implementation of its Adslot online advertising sales automation platform.

The company on Tuesday announced that it Adslot self-serve display ad platform had gone live with French real estate portal SeLoger.

The platform enables advertisers to build and keep track of ad campaigns themselves. The total package deployed by SeLoger consists of a booking platform, a DIY banner ad builder and an ad server engine.

Webfirm first announced it had won the French deal in April.

Real estate is a significant sector for the company, as one of its early implementations of the Adslot platform in Australia was with

Webfirm has made the Adslot platform its core business focus since FY11. The company incurred a $10.3 million loss for the financial year, due partly to costs incurred from the transition away from the website development business that had once been its bread and butter.

WFM shares climbed 6.06% on Tuesday to $0.070.