Valleyarm signs mobile app deal

Digital distributor Transol (ASX:TNC) has revealed its music subsidiary, Valleyarm Digital, has signed an agreement to provide a mobile app development platform to its artists.

The company has teamed up with MixMatchMusic to supply the developer's MobBase development software, which can be used to develop iPhone and Android apps.

The agreement will give Valleyarm artists and labels the ability to develop customised apps designed to promote their tracks on iTunes and other digital music outlets.

MixMatchMusic is the Silicon Valley developer behind the MobBase platform.

Transol arranged to acquire the 20% of Valleyarm Digital that it did not own in October.

Valleyarm has since announced a raft of distribution deals, most recently with free, legal music download site operator Guvera Australia.

TNC shares on Tuesday grew by a third to $0.004.