FST-Oracle lawsuit drags on: ipernica

The lawsuit that Australian technology and IP commercialisation group ipernica (ASX:IPR) is helping to prosecute against Oracle is dragging on and on, with the US Federal Circuit Court voiding orders locking in a venue.

ipernica is providing assistance to FST in a lawsuit between the Melbourne-based group of companies and technology giant Oracle. FST claims Oracle violated several of its enterprise data management (EDM) patents.

The case has been file with a Texas district court, but Oracle has been trying for two years to have the trial moved to California.

A petition to this effect was rejected in December last year, and an appeal against this decision also failed.

But Oracle had also appealed to the Federal Court, which has now found that the District Court had erred in its initial analysis of the dispute and sent the motion back to the District Court for re-analysis.

FST has been pursuing patent violation litigation against Oracle since October 2004. Oracle has tried repeatedly to have FST's patents declared invalid by the US Patent and Trademark Office, but these efforts failed.

A pre-trial hearing in Texas took place early last month.

IPR shares fell 4.55% during Wednesday's trading to $0.105.