DataMotion board spill proxy votes went in ex-directors' favour

Proxy votes on the meeting to decide the fate of former DataMotion (ASX:DMN) directors Ronald Moir and Mark Popham would have gone in their favour, the company has revealed.

While proxies holding 278.5 million shares voted to remove the directors, with 38.3 million voting against, investors holding 440 million shares voted to leave it to the discretion of the chairman. And the company had made clear that the chairman would vote against the removal.

The actual meeting was held without a single resolution to vote on because shareholder Bob Roget, who called for the EGM, withdrew his demands after the resignation of Moir, Popham and fellow director Martin Eade on Thursday.

Michael Robson and Patrick Corr were also appointed as replacements, fulfilling all the terms of Roget’s request.