Halloween for gamers: Tetris+Pumpkin=Pumpktris

  • Bob Brown (Network World)
  • 31 October, 2012 13:53

Just when you thought Halloween couldn't get any geekier, we bring you Pumpktris, a combination of a jack-lantern and the classic game of Tetris.

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Or rather, DIYer Nathan Pryor brings you this creation, the idea for which he scribbled down a while back, and then more recently got down to building his masterpiece with 128 LEDs and a stem for a controller. He writes that he originally had thought of carving pumpkins into Tetris shapes, but moved on to a better approach.

His video, shown here, has garnered about a quarter of a million YouTube views since posting on Oct. 28.

Seems we'll need to add this to our pantheon of about 50 great tech-o-lanterns from around the Web. 

Pryor documents his development process on his Haha Bird blog, where he also shows off other inventions, such as an iPhone-charging flashlight and a mustachioed fleece neck warmer (we kid you not!). Pumpktris involved everything from a drill and X-acto knife to make the dozens of holes for the LEDs to shine through as well as a bamboo prototyping board and a real joystick.

Pryor, who says his high score so far is 9,800, jokes that Halo on a Watermelon is up next.

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