IT workers want training from employers – to help them land new jobs: report

Some 45 per cent of IT workers choose study options with vendor or industry certificates, survey reveals.

IT employees are increasingly looking for employers to provide vendor or industry certificate training – to help them land their next job, according to recruitment firm, Ambition.

The Ambition IT Career Progression Report revealed 45 per cent of IT employees would choose study options which provide them with vendor or industry certificates upon completion.

“The transient nature of the IT industry means that employees primarily have a transactional approach to progressing their career. In their view, the more skills and certificates they have, the better their career trajectory,” Andrew Cross, managing director at Ambition, said in a statement.

“Core skills are essential, but employers also need senior IT staff with a solid understanding of business goals and processes and team management skills.”

Only 25 per cent of workers would choose to undertake management training and 19 per cent of IT workers have no clear career progression plans, according to the report. This could pose problems for company loyalty, Cross said.

“IT staff who don’t have a clear vision of the career opportunities within a company may lack a sense of allegiance to one employer,” he said.

“To retain top IT talent amid the skills shortage, employers need to provide ongoing training and development programs and map career pathways for permanent employees.”

The report also found 59 per cent of IT workers said they did not believe training was essential in new roles and just under half (46 per cent) said they study to ensure their skills keep pace with the changing IT industry.

“…the IT industry is growing so fast that employees with more than 10 years’ experience should be looking beyond a skills-based approach to securing their next role and focus on moving into management roles,” Cross said.

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