In brief: ABS to create server panel

Will provide x86 servers and related hardware

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is to establish a panel of suppliers for the supply and delivery of blade and rack mount x86 servers.

The panel, which will also cover the provision of blade enclosures, associated hardware, software, support and maintenance, and consultancy services, will allow the ABS to refreshes a portion its fleet of x86 servers every year to help the agency incrementally upgrade its capacity in response to growth in demand.

Presently, the ABS’s fleet consists of HP Proliant class blade and rack-mount systems which support a variety of statistical, corporate and infrastructure applications running almost exclusively on a VMware based virtual infrastructure.

The panel, which will run for up to five years, is expected to supply approximately 20-30 blade servers, 1-2 blade enclosures and 2-5 rack mount servers, as well as various associated equipment per year.

According to ABS documents, the servers are likely to include high performance processors, high speed memory (RAM), 10GB networking, and 8GB Fibre Channel, redundant and hot swappable components for maximum resiliency and availability, support management standards such as SNMP and/or CIM, support Network based (out-of-band) management; and power efficiency.