Fed Govt partners with NEC on R&D

DBCDE will collaborate with NEC Corporation on technology advancements to address health, aged care and transportation

The Federal Government has teamed up with IT services provider NEC to collaborate on technology advancements to address challenges in health and aged care delivery and urban transportation.

The partnership, signed by the Department for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE), will involve collaboration on advanced robotics for aged care and intelligent transport systems to address traffic congestion in major cities.

NEC Corporation president, Nobuhiro Endo, said ICT innovation was at the forefront of improved service delivery across all sectors of the economy.

“We see the emergence of socially and emotionally intelligent systems, combined with the National Broadband Network and cloud services delivery infrastructure, as a key enabler of large scale social inclusion outcomes,” he said in a statement.

According to NEC Australia’s managing director, Alan Hyde, note that Australia and Japan shared similar demographic challenges, which could be addressed through the application of technology.

“Australia and Japan share a common problem in that both nations have an ageing population which is placing increased stress on the current systems for aged care,” Hyde said.

Discussing the challenge of traffic management Hyde said NEC’s local activity would include the development of inter-vehicle communication to prevent traffic accidents, facilitate smoother traffic flows and reduce environmental load.”