I feel your pain. Really I do. It's been that kind of year - only February and it seems like May already.

I sense your scepticism: "Whatsis? She feels our pain? Where's the common ground?" Okay buckeroos and buckerettes, listen up.

First cab off the rank: staffing. One of my staff decided to check out his "market worth" and now wants more money and a better job. Actually he just wants more money. I suggested he find another job. It's also evidently hunting season and my other staff are being inundated with job offers. Meanwhile, I can't find qualified people to fill the jobs that are open. And, I'm beginning to think that the astrological sign for the month is the bear - it's a surly group at the moment.

Projects, yeah, projects is a good second since they all seem to be in some kind of crisis. One just finished. It was a "must have" project from another part of the business. True to form, it went over budget and over time, but the result was solid. Unfortunately, since it went live no one's bothered to use it and it languishes unloved.

Then there's the project that's been put on the back-burner, the project that got killed and the project that our partner wants to own even though it's ours.

I'm not even going to talk about another project.

Still not good enough for you? Think it's only an ache and not true pain? There's more.

How about the consultant who's brought in another consultant, blew the budget and still hasn't delivered? How about the research that was late?

And budgets. Oh boy. Spent the better part of a week revisiting and recasting budgets in anticipation of a squishy economic outlook. That was fun.

Even more fun is now that every vendor and their brother has "discovered the C-suite", I'm fielding invitations left and right to interview visiting product VPs. "Of course, I fully understand that your modem is an enterprise-level product. Unfortunately my schedule's quite full at the moment." Funny how at this time of year they all come from the Northeast US and have snorkelling gear in their monogrammed Lands' End duffel bags.

The topper? Some pipsqueak journalist got a story concerning my division wrong. (Okay, stop laughing.) Oh, and my Amex bill arrived today. I spent way too much when I was in the US last month and I know there's not a chance of the CFO believing the Saks charge was really lunch with some key CIOs.

Maybe June will be better.