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Viewlocity and Blackbay partner to provide fleet asset management solutions for transport operators

  • 08 August, 2006 17:05

<p>SYDNEY, Australia, 8 August 2006 — Global supply chain software company, Viewlocity and fast growing mobile track and trace solutions company, Blackbay, have partnered to offer fleet asset management solutions at RFID World Australasia in Sydney this week (August 8-10).</p>
<p>Viewlocity managing director Fadi Geha said that in making the best use of fleet assets is becoming more and more critical to companies carrying transport assets and costs.</p>
<p>The partnered solutions are available to assist organisations maintaining fleets of any kind, including cars, trucks, containers, chassis, railers and ULD’s, to track, manage and optimise fleet performance.</p>
<p>“Understanding and addressing the reasons for poor asset performance is the single biggest operations imperative for any fleet owner,” Mr Geha said.</p>
<p>“As supply chains become more complex and material flows increase, supply chain assets are in danger of becoming bottlenecks, leading to equipment scarcity and supply chain chaos. Transport operators trying to move goods during peak seasons understand this well.”</p>
<p>Fleet operators have a continual challenge to position their assets optimally to keep fleet sizes aligned with business objectives.</p>
<p>“Many companies struggle to track their mobile assets. Unfortunately, if you don’t know where your assets are at any point, at best you can achieve low utilisation of those potentially costly assets,” Fadi Geha said.</p>
<p>Viewlocity’s event management software, combined with Blackbay’s track and trace software allows fleet owners to rapidly understand and respond to supply chain disruptions, and therefore improves return on investment.</p>
<p>According to Blackbay’s technical director in Australia and New Zealand, Grant Pugh, the partnership is a natural and sensible fit.</p>
<p>“Viewlocity is globally the best in a very niche but important area. Their event management software fits very nicely with ours, and RFID World is the ideal venue to announce this to potential customers. This partnership answers some of the key questions of transport owners and managers,” he said.</p>
<p>Mr Geha said that increasing RFID adoption will transform supply chains over the next few years. “Companies should start looking now at the full picture of how RFID technology can impact their business and the supply chain they participate in,” he said.</p>
<p>“Anecdotal evidence suggests that RFID can multiply organisational data by 10 to 100 times. Most businesses are underprepared to handle such a massive increase in data, leaving them unable to profit in a business process context,” Mr Geha said.</p>
<p>“Now that RFID is beyond the initial hype-phase, companies can take a maturing approach to the needed systems and business processes, prior to implementing and seeing the benefits of RFID,” he added.</p>
<p>About Viewlocity
Viewlocity is a supply chain management software company that enables enterprises to manage their distributed supply chain processes across numerous trading partners, suppliers and distribution channels. Viewlocity’s solutions leverage unique planning algorithms to drive increased supply chain performance and cost reductions, coupled with the ability to sense and respond to disruptions in your supply chain. Viewlocity’s solutions maintain your performance and cost goals. Viewlocity provides Sense, Respond &amp; Measure solutions to support the following business processes: Supplier Management, Service Management, Mobile - Asset Management, Logistics Management, Production Management, and Distributed Order Fulfillment. Companies using Viewlocity’s solutions have seen significant increase in supply chain performance and customer service, while reducing their overall supply chain cost.</p>
<p>For further information:
Gerard Mansour
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+61 02 9955 7877</p>

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