Agenda for Change

Agenda for Change

Australia's CIOs primarily use the Internet, integrators and resellers, vendors and IT publications to obtain information they need to do their jobs. You don't value newspapers very much - especially daily publications - and have no use for radio or television for technology information. And it's still early days to say that daily e-mail news services will be read as heavily as publications.

You consider CIO the best publication for management issues and for keeping up to date with industry trends. (Thank you!) You feel Computerworld is the best publication for information about new products and services and for helping your decision-making when buying new technology. The Australian's Tuesday section gets the nod for general interest reading.

Those are the conclusions Quadrant Research reported in its annual survey of Australia's most senior IT executives. The survey, considered the leading independent study of how you and your peers obtain information, made it evident that the Internet is driving dramatic changes in how CIOs get information.

However, these changes are not simply a matter of swapping print publications for online information. The challenge of the Internet is to sort out the wheat from the chaff, ensuring that the information is accurate and can be acted upon. Moreover, it is becoming obvious that the Internet (or more properly, your computer screen) are not desirable when reading certain types of information (long reports, case studies, reports with multiple sections or extensive graphics). We appear to be many iterations away from the technology that will change all that.

As the publication read by more senior IT executives (again, thank you), these changes in information gathering require us to ensure we monitor the changes, adapt to them and, in fact, stay ahead of the curve as a preferred information provider. Of course, we have to do this in "Internet years", running where walking used to do.

This month we are holding in Sydney our first Advisory Board meeting of the new millennium. One of our most important agenda items will be to plan ahead for CIO's coming year, determining the best mix of information, media and topics. I welcome - no, request - your input to the agenda. All thoughts, ideas and observations will be most helpful if sent to

One belief that has underpinned everything we do at CIO is that you as senior executives require the highest quality information package. That is why we have adopted a policy of using Australia's top IT writers month after month. I'm pleased to tell you that late last year, the Australian Business Publishers association acknowledged the wisdom of our strategy by giving us more Bell Awards for business publishing excellence than any other title in the country. There are extensive details elsewhere in the issue on the page called "The Dream Team".

Our great run continued into early December when the Australian Information Technology Society recognised our Web site as the best technology site in the country. But, back to those Internet years, and we are already working vigorously to expand and improve our online initiatives. That, too, will be one of the key points on our Advisory Board agenda.

It's always gratifying to receive recognition, and we were very fortunate last year. But the real question is always, "What are we going to do for you this year?" With your input, the contributions of our Advisory Board members and a commitment to constantly raising the bar, I trust that CIO will continue to be a valued part of your business information.

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