A Matter of Life & Death

A Matter of Life & Death

Once again, the IS organisation is reading its own obituary. The current buzz is that IS is a lonely dinosaur waiting to be wiped out by the rise of e-commerce and its inherent demands for faster, more flexible technology management. E-commerce is only the latest in a long line of meteorites that have been purportedly headed toward IS, but it is by far the biggest and most lethal so far. The demands of e-commerce surpass the capabilities of IS, the forecasters say. Combine that with the tremendous growth of IT outsourcing, the emergence of business executives making technology decisions, the renewed debate over whether the CIO's role is strategic or tactical, and you see strong evidence that IS is headed straight for the carbon layer.

After reading all the analysts' reports, challenging the doomsayers and interviewing more than two dozen senior business leaders, we found that the traditional IS organisation is going away, to be replaced by a new group of "relationship managers". In this special report, we will identify the real forces of change and how ultimately they will force the IS organisation to evolve - or, yes, expire. Based on the expert advice we've sought, we'll also offer tips for building the IS organisation of the future and will introduce some CIOs who have already built theirs.

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