The Editorial that keeps on giving

The Editorial that keeps on giving

Okay. Okay. Okay. So last month I put a new twist on the continuing saga of editorial categories: I ran the same one I had the month before. Well actually I didn't, but that's another story. Cross my heart, I really did write one and frankly that's what ticks me off. I could have done it at some point when I was really brain dead - although in August it was a line-ball call.

I started off the month in Orlando, Florida (birthplace of my ill-fated editorial), launched a new publication (WebBusiness), put this little baby together, did more lunches than a gaggle of Double Bay matrons and dealt with the final budget for next year. (In fact, given the timing I'm thinking of offering the Olympic Committee a new pentathlon event: the travel, launch, edit, eat and gulp.) All that said, you probably don't really care about my travails, or my whingeing for that matter, but it does allow for a nice segue (rimshot please). Finalising the 2001 budget - better known as"I don't care what you did for me last year, what are you gonna do for me this year?" - brought to the fore just how well CIO has done this year. If you've been a long-term reader, you know that we've pretty much doubled in size year-on-year. That's good news for you in that I'm providing more information and stories in each issue. It's also good news in the finance office. They smile at me a lot these days and I'm kind of feeling like Sally Field ("You like me. You really, really like me").

Stick with me, I'm going to get to the point in a second here.

Budget time is also the time we plan our circulation drives for the next fiscal year and I got to thinking that since we've had a good year why not share it. So, here's the plan: for the next three months (September 1 to December 1) $20 of every subscription or renewal to CIO goes to The Smith Family. Now there's a lot of you out there and this could end up a substantial donation.

There are naysayers in the organisation who say I'm not going to get more than a 5 per cent take-up (evidently that's the standard response rate), but I've never been one to play by the rules. I've got a few bets with the powers that be, and I think I'm a winner with this one.

So let's do it. Besides, it'd be nice to have people outside the finance office smiling at us, wouldn't it?

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