And Now for Something Completely Different

And Now for Something Completely Different

Basically there are three types of editorials you can write. There's the "guided tour" editorial when you're uninspired (well, lazy actually). Here's a sample: This month's issue is particularly exciting, we take a look at ________________, revisit ________________, profile ________________ and answer the burning question ________________ . . . Been there. Done that.

Next is the lecture: If IS managers and CIOs don't fully embrace IT-business alignment the sky will fall and line managers will pull your fingernails off . . . Contrary to what my children might say, I'm not prone to lecturing. After all, I'm not a CIO. I'm an editor. And I'm not too keen on having you come tell me how to do my job, thank you very much.

Last is the wiseacre editorial. All us writers want to be Peter Ruehl, Joe Bob Briggs or PJ O'Rourke at heart.

That said, I'm going to introduce a new type of editorial; I'm going to tell you about something that's fun: The Hollywood Stock Exchange ( Read no further if not in to movies or music but if you are, and like to take a punt, this Web site is crash hot.

I first became aware of HSX when my husband kept disappearing into his study for an hour or so. I knew he wasn't playing Solitaire (I'd wiped it from his machine), playing Scrabble (I was using the CD as a hot plate) or betting online at the TAB (because he wasn't periodically resurfacing to watch the race on the TV). I also knew he wasn't working (trust me).

Finally, he gave up his secret - mostly because he wanted to brag about his wins, but I'd also like to think that he wanted to share quality time. Anyway, here's how it works.

Modelled on real online trading, the HSX "investors" start with $H2 million and can buy shares in movies, movie stars or funds. There are IPOs, put and call options, and warrants. You can sell short, set stop prices - well, you get the idea. And of course there is the inevitable - analysts and consultants recommending how you spend your dough.

That's my tip for the month. Check it out.

If you do register, mention my user name "idglindak" for referring you. I'll get a finder's fee of $H100,000 for every new member. It may be the only way I will ever recover from thinking that Battlefield Earth couldn't miss with John Travolta. (It's also a way of finding out if anybody ever reads this damn thing.)Okay, gotta go. M:I-2 is premiering tonight and I need to log on. I bought way too high and need a BIG opening. Besides Kevin Spacey's gone nowhere (I figured blue chip stuff, but was wrong). Also, I think it's time to unload The Matrix 2. And that's my final tip: never buy after a few Scotches. You end up buying a movie that isn't even close to being made yet.

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