Dubbo City Council Takes Control

Dubbo City Council Takes Control

Dubbo City Council has become the first Australian local government site to choose to implement TASKey's TEAM version 3.1 for managing the ongoing task and action plans for various Council functions.

Grahame Marchant, director administrative and financial services, says the council has decidedly to initially implement TASKey - as a hosted ASP version in its administrative and financial services division - to provide a tool to assist in managing all the tasks and actions involved in both operational and strategic planning issues. These include the council's annual operating plan and function based budget, as well as the organization's management accounting, human resource, IT, risk management, records management, legal advisory and secretarial services.

"We already have a lot of those processes happening, but we didn't have a system that enabled us to look at those tasks or have those tasks in a system that we can monitor from a management point of view," Marchant says. "Things were being done but not within any system, so we thought TASKey was a good, user-friendly system to help managers know what they are expected to achieve and how they are going to do it within the timeframes that are agreed on."

TASKey TEAM software enables organizations to manage all work through a Web browser enabling departments to coordinate work and focus employees and teams in the achievement of corporate strategy by linking their personal and team actions to the business objectives.

The Web interface will enable managers and team leaders communicate with teams - wherever geographically distributed - in real time, providing up-to-the-minute progress reports. The software delivers enhanced at-a-glance management overviews for a single project or multiple projects that may be under development at any time.

"TASKey enables us to identify our major tasks, including all our end functions, define what those tasks are and then identify the actions that we need to be doing in being able to achieve those outcomes that are required across all our operational functions. The tool is easy to use, it's a Web based thing that enables us to use it at any time," Marchant says.

TASKey TEAM's simple management method provides the essential business rules required to concurrently manage many projects, tasks, actions, teams, and individuals in rapidly changing contexts, with the software going all tracking and coordination.

Developed by a Canberra company after five years of observing and testing how people naturally work together, TASKey's developers describe it as a simple method to allow work to be widely distributed and coordinated amongst many people and teams, without losing essential information.

The Intranet/Internet based distributed management software application, TASKey TEAM, is based on a patented method that overcomes the limitations of existing management methods.

"Managers are now recognizing the need for a simple method to coordinate many people doing many projects and tasks," said business development manager, Bob Quodling in a press release.

"The patented TASKey method is focused on how teams of people work together to complete tasks. It drives accountability down through the organization, giving people and teams responsibility to develop and deliver solutions.

"As a result TASKey TEAM gives managers greater control to work across multiple projects and strategies. It helps managers lead their people and focus on where they can add most value."

TASKey TEAM is used by the Australian Department of Defence, the ACT Planning and Land Authority and a number of Australian businesses including Multiplex Constructions and Electro Optic Systems.

TASKey has now established an office in Houston, Texas and is using US expertise to further test the market with a view of identifying the key verticals for TASKey to concentrate on.

The software enables local government to comply with governance and reporting guidelines more effectively by providing the information needed to increase accountability and performance management among teams.

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