The dual-boot Android/Windows Phone really is coming to the U.S., for some reason

The dual-boot Android/Windows Phone really is coming to the U.S., for some reason

The concept of a dual-boot phone isn't a new one there have been several OEMs reportedly sniffing around the idea, and similar riffs like "Ubuntu for Android" have already gone public but it really looks like Huawei is finally going to deliver a handset that offers both Windows Phone and Android.

According to an interview that Huawei chief marketing officer Shao Yang gave to Trusted Reviews, the company still views Windows Phone as a lower priority than Android but plans to include it in a dual-OS phone that will go on sale in the U.S. sometime in the second quarter of this year.

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"If it is Windows only, maybe people will not find it as easy a decision to buy the phone," Shao told TR.

Superficially, Huawei's plans look like they will benefit Windows Phone far more than Android Windows Phone could find its way to a much bigger audience, while Android gets saddled with an unpopular partner. I personally know at least two people that use Windows Phones (yes, I know, two more than most people) and they've had nothing but good things to say about the software.

Obviously, that's purely anecdotal, and I don't want to oversell it as evidence, but it does indicate to me that at least two mostly rational human beings find it not only functional, but pleasant to use.

That said, it's difficult to see any dual-boot device capturing significant quantities of either hearts or minds. Who, realistically, is going to need two distinct operating systems on a single phone? Sure, there are MDM implications, as you could potentially do all your work on one OS and use the other for personal stuff, but it still seems like a terribly inelegant solution.

Still, "because we can" has traditionally been excuse enough to build all manner of strange Android-related objects (looking at you, here, Samsung), so it's plenty believable that Huawei is serious about its plans. I'll be interested to see what the eventual product looks like.

(H/T: Android Police)


It sure looks like Google made a bit of a blunder this week when it released a new version of the YouTube app for Android. The new app, version 5.5.26, features an icon with a bone in it and a "dogfood" section in the settings menu. (It even shows up as "5.5.26-DOGFOOD" in the version label.)

So why is that a blunder? Well, if you were unaware, "dogfooding" is the practice of testing new versions of software internally, as in "eating your own dogfood." Which strongly implies that someone released this version of YouTube accidentally, unless Google's going for a mysterious new doggie motif in the app.

(H/T: Droid Life)


Speaking of funny, it seems like the upcoming new HTC One is getting leaked in just about every possible way. There have been several videos, reviews posted, leaked marketing materials from Australia, and now someone's actually sold one of the things on eBay, according to GSMArena. The details are, by now, familiar 5-inch 1080p screen, Snapdragon 801, dual cameras, etc. etc.

Oh, and this happened just a day after someone else sold a dummy unit on the auction site, as well. Leak leak leak leak leak. It's kind of ridiculous at this point. GSMArena has a point when it questions whether there's much left to announce at the March 25 launch event.


Apple stores are, of course, well-known. Microsoft has retail storefronts. So why not Google? The Goog is apparently wondering the same thing, if a rumor published in Crain's New York is to be believed. Google is supposedly close to leasing a storefront in Manhattan's SoHo district a block away from an Apple store.

An analysis from Android Authority, written in response to a different round of speculation that took place earlier this year, concluded that there weren't many good reasons for Google to open its own brick-and-mortar store, but the rumors don't appear to have quieted down since then.

(H/T: 9to5Google)

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