A Wireless Arsenal

A Wireless Arsenal

After all, everyone's a Road Warrior at heart.

Colour Your PDA World

Handspring Visor Prism

Distributed to all major retailers throughout Australia through Vodafone, the Handspring Visor Prism is capable of displaying over 65,000 colours - making for a colourful and vibrant experience (and a legal one at that) when using the device. It has an address book, to do list, memo pad, date book, calculator and world clock, and, because it uses the popular Palm OS, a bevy of applications can be downloaded for it from the Net (hopefully vibrant and colourful ones).

The supplied USB/power cradle allows for communication with both Windows and Macintosh computers. Synchronising with your desktop is easier than ever using HotSync technology. Accessories such as keyboards, custom cases and extra input styli are available. With the Springboard expansion slot you can snap in a digital camera or a GPS system and instantly display colour images such as maps. With 8MB of memory, built-in microphone, infrared capability and plenty of expansion options, the Handspring Visor Prism is well worth consideration if you're in the market for a quality PDA.

Price: $1049


Phone: (02) 9425 8073

Are You iPAQing?

Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC

One of the more sought-after handheld devices, the new iPAQ now features 64MB of memory - allowing it to store double the amount of files and applications as it could previously. Stylish and well made, the iPAQ will set you back $1395.

Using the Windows CE operating system as opposed to Palm OS, the lightweight iPAQ boasts a stunning reflective TFT screen (great for out-doors) capable of displaying 4096 colours in 240 x 320 resolution, audio via speakers or sound out (capable of playing mp3s), one-touch voice record, and a stated battery life of 10 hours. Because the operating system is held in the 16MB of onboard read only memory (ROM) - you have full use of the 64MB of storage memory.

Add-ons include travel keyboards for faster data entry than the bundled stylus pen (unless hunt-and-peck is your style) and also a wireless LAN card expansion pack allowing for wireless e-mail and Web browsing features within range.

Shipping standard with Microsoft Pocket Word, Excel, Outlook, Solitaire, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, the iPAQ can communicate via a USB/power cradle to Windows 98 and Windows 2000 machines.

Price: $1395


Phone: 13 2393

The Medium is the Messenger.

Link Airm@il & TWM II Device

Not only is this two-way messaging device about the size of a deck of cards, it beats a "full house" any day. Users can send and receive messages as well as e-mail without the need for a telephone line. Wireless network coverage reaches 74 per cent of Australia's population, including all capital cities and some regional centres. If you really go bush and are out of range for some time, all messages are stored and forwarded to you when you are back in range.

In addition to the text and image memo pad, calculator, calendar, clock, alarm and games (good for those lonely times in airport lounges), the main drawcard of the TWM II is Link Airm@il. Working with your existing office computer systems, Link handles the implementation once you've defined what your needs are. They order the TWM II devices, install and configure all applications on the devices and arrange the delivery. After the initial activation fee of $75, monthly access fees can range from $54.25 per month for a (25,000 character limit) to $109.95 (250,000 characters). Two thousand characters can be sent per e-mail. Over usage charges do apply on a per character basis (a bonus for poor spellers).

Featuring a large display area, automatic roaming functions and an icon-based, touch-screen menu system, Link Communications is currently retailing the device for $895. The TWM II also has a touch pen input method, on-screen keyboard, a backlit LCD with a viewable area of 8 lines by 25 characters per line and a battery life of about three days (think Survivor).

Price: TWM II Device $895


Phone: 1300 301 361

Sticky Fingers.

1GHz Acer 739 GTLV Notebook with integrated biometric ID Today, biometric technology is being applied for security and identification purposes in areas such as fingerprint recognition - as seen in this notebook. The cost of a stolen notebook is one thing (insurance to the rescue), but the loss of any sensitive data could be catastrophic (at least Dubya thought so recently). It makes sense then, that Acer is shipping their new TravelMate 739GTLV with an in-built fingerprint sensor made to withstand over 1 million finger contacts (if you have children, that's about one week) and resist spills (ditto). Using the pre-loaded software, an image is created that is used to identify someone upon boot-up or while in Windows. The machine won't boot up unless you press the ID sensor. The key can instantly activate the screen saver, which then requires fingerprint ID before anyone can resume using the computer.

Biometrics won't stop someone who knows how to remove a hard disk from a laptop, but it may well act as a theft deterrent.

The notebook features a 1GHz Intel Pentium III SteedStep processor, 128MB of RAM, a 15in active TFT display and a whopping 30GB hard disk. With enough grunt to be a desktop replacement and light enough for the road, the 739 GTLV is a feature packed machine.

Price: Starting $8999


Phone: (02) 9870 1999

This Pen Is Mightier Than . . . Well, a Pen C Pen Scanner Hold the cordless C Pen Scanner like a highlighter and mark the text you want to save; the digital camera inside captures the text, saves it to memory and using infrared sends it to your PC or notebook computer. The C Pen comes with recognition software (of course), and tools such as a contacts manager, security options and language translation software (Que pasa). The pen reads at a top rate of 100 characters per second (faster than Dubya), and you can even store up to 3000 pages of text in the camera thanks to its 8MB of in-built flash memory.

Price: $425


Phone: (03) 9427 0168

Notebook with Bluetooth Bite.

1GHz Toshiba 8200 Notebook with integrated Wi-Fi Toshiba's new lightweight (2.6kg) Tecra 8200 notebook offers integrated wireless communication. The in-built Wireless LAN (WLAN) and Bluetooth antenna make for easy installation of optional extras like the mini PCI Wi-Fi PC card or Bluetooth PC card, which by means of a WLAN allows for data transmission speeds of up to 11Mbits per second. If you're on the Internet at home or in the office, and an unanticipated case of "happy feet" strikes, feel free to roam at will - you'll stay connected. A Bluetooth set-up provides wireless transmission of data within a 30m radius, with security measures also taken into account.

The unit pictured features a Pentium III 1GHz SpeedStep processor, 128MB of RAM, a 14.1in active TFT display and a 20GB hard disk, the stylish machine also ships with a CD-RW/DVD drive and integrated modem and Ethernet adapters.

Price: Starting at $10,631 for models with CD-RW/DVD-ROM option. Less expensive models availableURL: 1800 021 100You Should Be So Lucky.

Ericsson Bluetooth Headset and Mobile Phone Adapter Full range of movement - without the hassle of cords (just like Kylie). If Australia's track record of adopting new and trendy personal technology holds true to course - expect to see a lot of these things being paraded around by everyone from business execs to school kids.

By utilising Bluetooth wireless technology, the device enables you to make and receive calls without your phone in hand (it could be in your briefcase, for example). You have unhindered movement within 10 metres. Incoming calls are accepted by pressing the answer button on the headset with outgoing calls achieved by voice dialling. Able to be used on either ear (in case you're left-eared), the earpiece itself weighs just 30 grams. It is in fact a great idea, and sure to be followed by other manufacturers.

Price: $557


Phone: 1300 650 050

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