Revolutionary ‘Intelligent’ Radar System Makes It Impossible To Hide

Revolutionary ‘Intelligent’ Radar System Makes It Impossible To Hide

A new radar security system may literally make it impossible for humans to hide. Whether in heavy rain, fog, night or even concrete walls; the new radar system can still pick out humans. The radar system can differentiate humans from other creatures. The pin-point radar can also pick out actions of a stealthy human. The system incorporates a range of common human activities from which it can identify stealthy movements. Until this innovation, radar systems have only shown humans as moving blurs on the screen. Toyota last year invented a new system that uses a millimeter wave radar and stereo camera to constantly monitor what's in front of the vehicle, sense pedestrians and avoid accidents.

The new radar technology will be crucial in law enforcement and in the military. Surveillance teams or police could use the radar system to see inside concrete walls or other blockages. The military may find the technology handy in seeing across vast stretches of land without necessarily using guards or cameras. The radar system was developed by researchers at the California State University in Fresno. Young Kim, head of the new radar development team, believes interest in radar is shifting to humanity. According to Kim, radar technology is better placed to identify targets than cameras or guards.

Whereas cameras would be blocked by bushes or walls, radar can see through all obstacles. The researchers allocated each unique human activity a radar signature. For instance, walking, running, standing up, standing still, jumping, lying, punching and crawling are identifiable through unique radar codes. According to the researchers, the new radar system can detect even breathing. The system has been 85 per cent successful in most of the test runs undertaken. The study was published in the journal Radar, Sonar & Navigation in March 2012. But even with the invention, Lawmakers in the U.S. are already questioning the FAA on privacy protections around drone use in surveillance.

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