Future Phones: What Will The Mobile Phone Industry Offer?

Future Phones: What Will The Mobile Phone Industry Offer?

Any talk of future phones is always laced with presentations that sound straight out of science fiction. But expert futurologists in the industry believe the future looks promising. Available mobile technologies mark an enormous leap in the industry when compared to two decades back. The mobile phone industry is one of the most dynamic.

Mobile dominance

In the future, mobile phones will run our lives and dominate whatever we do. Going forward, advanced mobile technology will render mobile phones capable of making decisions for us. Through skin implants, phones will literally run our lives. As mobile phones become more complex, the desktop will be relegated to the back seat, saving us more time and money. Mobiles will even help save lives, for instance in humanitarian aid missions.

In terms of size, the future’s phones will be no more than the size of candy, with tablets being split into different components. Display will be delivered by quality 3D, or augmented reality glasses, while audio will be delivered through earring studs! In a nutshell, the future will embrace a total physical interface to the digital and virtual worlds.

Human-mobile harmony

Predictions in mobile telephony can be tricky, in light of the dynamism in the evolution of simple phones into complex gadgets that are at par with powerful computers, for instance Apple’s talking personal assistant, Siri. But as the industry mines data from existing technologies, future phones will be smarter than their current contemporaries.

For instance, improvements on voice will advance technologies such as Siri, making these virtual assistants humanity’s data guardians. They will learn user preferences and eventually protect us from information overload by tailoring and streamlining information flow with regard to our preferences through artificial intelligence.

Future phones will mine personal data from our every move and use it to almost resonate our reasoning. That would bring humanity to near harmony with phones through skin implants. Sounds like science fiction? Watch this space! But we must also be cognizant of hyped mobile technologies that didn't change the world as we had hoped.

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