I'd Pay a Dollar for that

I'd Pay a Dollar for that

Sometimes ya just gotta wonder. A couple of weeks ago, I was distracted for a moment. Not thinking clearly, I actually picked up my phone. It was a conference organiser and the person calling wanted me to speak about "topic XYZ" at an upcoming conference. Hello?

What was this person thinking? I'm not an industry analyst. I'm not an expert on "topic XYZ". And, I'm not a CIO. Sure, as editor I spend much of my time talking with CIOs, but when people front up to a conference, they want information straight from the source - and they are not talking about a journalist who spoke to one. Or, to cite another phrase often used in this situation, the horse's mouth is at the front end of the animal.

I thanked the organiser for inviting me. However, I had previous commitments and wouldn't be in town on the conference dates. After hanging up, I thought: maybe this is a bad dream and I've died and come back as an industry analyst. So I checked my business card, and it wasn't a bad dream - my card still said editor.

Why did this guy think people would pay good money (lots of money, in fact) to hear me speak about something I've never done? (And coincidentally, why did they want me to work hard preparing and presenting a speech for no money?)Anyhow, I think I've figured out why I got the call. I've met the enemy and it is us.

Since that call, I made it my mission to read other editorials (not just business publications, either), and jeez we're full of ourselves, aren't we? Lecture here, lecture there. Pontificate, pontificate, pontificate. Waffle on ad nauseum. Add a dash of spleen venting and you've about covered the repertoire.

I think it's time for a brief moratorium. So, this month only, in the spirit of my newly acquired self-awareness, I offer no wisdom, no pearls, no gems. But at least you're not spending $1,595 with your early bird discount and getting up early to hear me. I'll be back next month with the usual bumf.

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