Q&A: Rightsize. Optimise. Monetise.

Q&A: Rightsize. Optimise. Monetise.

CA Technologies chief technical officer, Australia & New Zealand, Carl Terrantroy.

CA Technologies chief technical officer, Australia & New Zealand, Carl Terrantroy.

Consumerisation of IT continues at a rapid pace, but it’s not just about new devices; it’s redefining the entire relationship between IT and end users, introducing potential opportunities for businesses to leverage this new model to expand their business, reduce enterprise costs and attract and retain new customers.

CIO Australia recently spoke to CA Technologies Chief Technical Officer, Australia & New Zealand, Carl Terrantroy about business growth, increasing efficiencies and improving convenience and experience for users.

How is consumerisation of IT impacting businesses today?

The most obvious impact is how to support, monitor and manage a range of consumer devices and applications securely, both for users and customers. But it’s not just consumerisation of IT; it’s also about an ‘always-on’ lifestyle where users demand constant, flexible and diverse access to applications conveniently and securely.

What are the challenges that businesses face when it comes to providing good customer experiences and why is reliability important?

Consumers want to conduct transactions from their own devices in their own time, but many organisations have little or no visibility into their public-facing services. Today, if there is degradation in service levels, the first a company often hears about it is via complaints from their consumers. The damage service disruption can cause to your brand is incalculable, let alone its impact on transactions and customer loyalty. If your network is not up or your application is not performing well, you're going to have a customer experience issue — your customers are going to walk away.

How can CA Technologies service assurance solutions ensure exceptional user experiences and safeguard revenues?

CA Technologies Service Assurance solutions help to protect revenue by monitoring the quality and timeliness of mission-critical applications by providing visibility into customer transactions from the user interface or device all the way to backend systems. Our solutions deliver the ability to proactively manage your infrastructure and applications — end to end. Here in Australia, Qantas and Racing and Wagering Western Australia are using these solutions with great success—helping to ensure a great customer experience, thereby protecting their brand and safeguarding revenues.

What about the importance of accurate provisioning? Can you explain the concept of right sizing?

Rightsizing has the potential to save massive amounts of money because it enables you to only put in the amount of infrastructure you absolutely need to run a service. A key component of our offerings is that we let you see how a service will perform in a new environment before you buy. We let you take a specific workload and test it in a public or private Cloud — you can even test new servers before you buy them.

How does this translate to business benefits?

CA Technologies can help get products and services to market faster. We can help CIOs quickly capture ideas around business innovation, and then digitise and monetise those ideas. That’s IT at the speed of business! We assist CIOs in ascertaining the value of the services currently being used and the utilisation rates for those services, which can give the business meaningful metrics that lead to better, more informed decision making. By leveraging our Service Assurance solutions, the IT department can have a business outcome conversation with the lines of business demonstrating how IT impacts customer satisfaction, loyalty and real-time revenues.

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