CIOs have lost the battle against 'bring your own technology'

CIOs have lost the battle against 'bring your own technology'

The consumerisation culture of the iPad leaves the enterprise in security mayhem

CIOs have lost the battle to control the consumerisation of IT, with an increase in bring-your-own-technology schemes (BYOT) cropping up around Australia.

Despite reports that BYOT schemes are unpopular with Australian CIOs, they are on the rise, but BridgePoint Communications’ director, Tim Smith, saying that such schemes can have high security risks attached.

“One thing that has been very prevalent is the idea of bringing your own device to work,” Smith said. “The security aspect of that is hugely troubling for organisations at the moment.”

While such schemes are risky, Smith said CIOs have their hands tied when it comes to controlling employee devices.

“The battle is lost, so to speak,” Smith said. “The days of locking down your corporate environment are over.

“Tablets and the iPad have been the catalyst for that... but in terms of security and as the technology has matured, there have been different ways of controlling those devices.”

Often touted as being driven by executives who love to use iPad’s in meetings, Smith said BYOT schemes are no longer being halted by the IT department.

“It has turned in so much as there’s no longer a big stop sign,” Smith said. “I have some organisations [as clients] that have a BYOT scheme, and a lot of CIOs were thinking that’s a good idea — once some company of a reasonable size moves to BYOT, other companies will follow.”

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