Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

You can't help but get in a reflective mood as the year winds down and you're putting your last issue to bed. So I did a bit of soul searching and decided it was time for a career change. Yep, it's time old Linda K seizes the day and hangs out the consultant shingle. I figure I'd be hot as hell because I made 2.5 prognostications in 2002 and hit 'em 100 per cent spot on. Granted 2.5 predictions is pretty slim pickings, but you gotta admit it doesn't leave much room for error - it's swim or sink time.

Now just in case you don't remember (or read my column), back in February I predicted that if you put two (or more) people involved in IT together in a room, they'd start conjecturing about when technology spending would resume.

Well, was I right or was I right?

Score Linda: 1.

I kind of hedged with my second prediction (which is why I'm only giving myself .5 of a point) when I suggested that IT spending would pick up at 2.43pm on July 10. I guess I should also confess that I had some insider information regarding that particular forecast. I was pretty confident with that one because my younger son needed a new mouse for his computer, and I was loaning him the money. I also knew when he was buying it because he was borrowing the car. I figured since no one was spending even one dollar on IT anywhere else in the entire world that $72 mouse would boost IT spending figures.

What I didn't count on was that the damn kid would decide to also buy a Pamela Anderson mouse pad. That additional $10 sent spending figures sky-rocketing, and the pundits came out in force. Headlines screamed spending was not only back on track but going through the roof.

I made him take the mouse pad back. After all, it was unfair to skew the figures that much.

Score Linda: 1.5, Son: minus one (mouse pad).

Then in April I said Com Bank CEO David Murray's comments at the World IT Congress were gonna haunt him because journalists would rehash his observations for the next 18 months every time they wrote a story about business being pissed-off at IT. Frankly, I stopped counting when I reached 437 at the end of May (there's even an oblique reference in this issue).

Score Linda: 2.5; David Murray: 437 and counting, but let's give the poor guy a rest next year.

So I figure it's now or never if I want to go the consultant route. I just have one problem, and that's how to convince everyone in the industry that I really wanted to be a consultant - and am not just one more person who's joined the ranks of the unemployed.

But now that I think about it, in the current climate that's utterly impossible. Guess I'd better stick it out here after all.

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