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Eureka! FirstClick reappointed

Search consultancy proves stickiness with client
  • 18 November, 2009 09:49

<p>Business Spectator and Eureka Report today announced it has chosen FirstClick Consulting, a strategic search consultancy, to continue to manage the online publications’ search marketing activities. This reappointment marks a major milestone for FirstClick as Eureka Report has been FirstClick’s client for three years, and FirstClick has been working with Business Spectator since the online business was officially launched two years ago.</p>
<p>Rowan Wilde, marketing manager at Business Spectator and Eureka Report said: “Working with FirstClick has always been a joy - the team is second to none in the industry. We’ve continued our long-term relationship with them because they have consistently improved results and return on investment.”</p>
<p>The partnership between the two companies started with Eureka Report in September 2006 where FirstClick introduced SEM (search engine marketing) and developed a ROI (return on investment) evaluation model for the online business publication. One year later, with the launching of Business Spectator, FirstClick was chosen to provide both SEM and SEO (search engine optimisation) services through a competitive pitch. During the 3 years, FirstClick has demonstrated its strategic ability to truly understand Business Spectator's and Eureka Report's business models and provided tailored and innovative search marketing solutions to both companies.</p>
<p>Though happy with the relationship with FirstClick, the recent economic downturn encouraged the business to review and benchmark its service providers. Continued Mr. Wilde, “During the global financial crises, it was only natural for us to look at our suppliers and seek better terms. The pitch process took several months and we reviewed five agencies including FirstClick, then narrowed it down to three and finally, chose FirstClick again.”</p>
<p>According to Mr. Wilde, FirstClick stood out because of its strategic ability, ROI based approach, and the transparency FirstClick was able to demonstrate throughout the pitch process.</p>
<p>During the pitch process for a reliable and trustworthy search partner, the company quickly realised that the other agencies were not able to fully appreciate the publication’s unique ROI situation.</p>
<p>“The other agencies we spoke to didn't seem to be used to working with clients where the product is free, as is the case with Business Spectator. It is easier for an agency to calculate the ROI for a car manufacturer for example, where there is a clear relationship between marketing dollars spent and converting leads to a sale. While that's understandable, it wasn't appropriate for us to be a test case, we needed certainty”, added Mr. Wilde.</p>
<p>In this instance, FirstClick’s vast experience having worked with other media companies proved invaluable. The company was able to formulate an ROI methodology to track and measure the interrelationship between a free-to-register online business publication, and a subscription-based investment newsletter.</p>
<p>Grace Chu, founder and managing director for FirstClick said: “At FirstClick, we pride ourselves with being able to always provide a unique bespoke solution for our clients. No one account is the same and our methodology for accountable and measurable ROI has sustained our relationship with Business Spectator and Eureka Report.”</p>
<p>“It is a credit to Grace and her team and it has been a joy working with FirstClick and we look forward to maintaining this good and close relationship. We are also very pleased that FirstClick have recently opened an office in Melbourne, which will only bring us closer”, concluded Mr Wilde.</p>
<p>About FirstClick
FirstClick Consulting ( is one of Australia’s leading independent strategic search consultancies specialising in search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital strategy. Backed by its ROI-based and analytical approaches, FirstClick is one of the few leading agencies that can help clients fully leverage the synergies between SEM and SEO. FirstClick is a team of experienced and commercially savvy professionals passionate about internet marketing and devoted to delivering the best results for their clients.</p>
<p>FirstClick was established in Sydney in 2005 and opened a Melbourne office in 2009. They have been recognized in the BRW 2009 Fast Starters awards and in the Dynamic Business 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year awards.</p>

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