BlackBerry troubleshooting tips & tricks from RIM

BlackBerry troubleshooting tips & tricks from RIM

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) offers up ten smartphone troubleshooting tips and tricks for CrackBerry addicts of all ilk.

Experiencing problems with that new BlackBerry Tour? Is your tried-and-true Curve 8300 acting up on ya? Have no fear; you don't necessarily have a "lemon" on your hands|.BlackBerry devices, and smartphones in general, can be a "finicky" bunch of gadgets. But thankfully, there are some quick fixes for common problems.

However, BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) was kind enough to post its own set of 10 BlackBerry smartphone troubleshooting tips and tricks earlier this month. While there's nothing groundbreaking--like I said, I've covered most of the material before--any and all CrackBerry addicts will benefit from a quick refresher of the basics

What follows is RIM's recent list of BlackBerry troubleshooting tips, along with comments of my own, where necessary or relevant.

1) Check Wireless Signal Strength

RIM suggested checking on your wireless signal strength if you're experiencing issues, to ensure you're in a coverage area. Obviously, if you don't see any coverage bars on your BlackBerry home screen or there's an out of service (SOS) icon, you dont have wireless coverage. And that's problem.

Another quick way to check your wireless signal strength is via a BlackBerry keyboard shortcut. Just hold down your BlackBerry's ALT key and type the letters N, M, L, L. Your home screen will then show your wireless signal strength in Dbms. If your signal strength isn't within the -40 to -100 Dbms range, you're not in an adequate wireless coverage area. (Note: This shortcut only works on BlackBerry smartphones with full QWERTY keyboards.)

2) Pull Your Battery or "Hard Reset"

RIM's second troubleshooting tip is to simply remove and replace your BlackBerry's battery. Doing so is as simple as removing the device's battery cover and popping out the power pack, with the edge of a credit card or other prying tool. This is referred to as a BlackBerry "hard reset." For more on the difference between hard and soft BlackBerry resets, read "Hard v. Soft Resets, and When to Perform Each."

3) Check Wireless Network Settings

BlackBerry users experiencing wireless coverage or data transfer issues should ensure that their network settings are correct, RIM says. To do open up the Manage Connections menu via your BlackBerry home screen. The Mobile Network option should have checked box next to it to signify connectivity.

Next, scroll down to Mobile Network Options and make sure Data Services are enabled and the Mobile Network and Network Mode are set to the appropriate carrier and network options.

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