Blog: Calculating the Odds You'll Lose Your Job

Blog: Calculating the Odds You'll Lose Your Job

Variables that Could Indicate Someone Is Likely to Get Laid Off

1. Your employer is not meeting its financial plan.

2. Your salary is at the high-end of the pay scale for your profession or function.

3. A position or function you help support has been eliminated or restructured.

4. You work on a project that has been cut or that you sense is going to be cut.

5. You gossip or complain a lot.

6. The work you do is mundane or repetitive in nature (e.g. re-setting passwords or setting up routers) and could be outsourced to a third party.

7. Your work is not customer-focused.

8. The function you work in is well-staffed (or has "fat" that could be trimmed). 9. You don't "fit in" with the rest of your department.

10. Your company could find someone to replace you at a lower cost with relative ease (e.g. without having to hire a head hunter.)

Variables That Could Indicate Someone Is Unlikely to Get Laid Off

1. You've demonstrated your ability to adapt to new strategies.

2. You have good relationships with different people throughout your company.

3. Your position is cross-matrixed to different leaders.

4. You have a good rapport with your boss, and your boss is regarded highly by senior management.

5. You work on multiple projects that are critical to dealing with existing business conditions.

6. Your skills are up to date, in demand and align with the IT organization's current and future needs.

7. Your company would have difficulty finding someone to fill your position.

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