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Australian biotechnology company finds offshore success with Objective

  • 17 February, 2009 09:49

<p>Objective Corporation (ASX: OCL), a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, today announced that Nanosonics Limited (ASX: NAN) has successfully implemented Objective to support core business processes in the manufacture of its new product.</p>
<p>Nanosonics is an Australian publicly listed company, focused on the research, development and commercialisation of innovative infection control technologies.</p>
<p>The biotechnology industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries worldwide; it is imperative that they comply with stringent regulations in order to stay in business. Breakthrough advances by companies in this industry contribute to safeguarding the wider community and provide better long term healthcare.</p>
<p>Faced with an increasing workload and the costs associated with information management that comes with the rapid growth of a new company, Nanosonics sought a quality management and document control solution that would reduce the cost of managing the information around their product development, manufacturing, financial and regulatory processes.</p>
<p>Having a paper-based system that would quickly be out of date and a critical need to find a solution that would lower the non-compliance risk associated with regulation EN ISO13485:2003, Nanosonics carried out an extensive cost-benefit analysis, and selected Objective as the solution that best addressed their business challenges.</p>
<p>“We knew that we needed a scalable system that would be around in five to ten years and would easily integrate with other systems as the Company continues to grow,” said Mr John Murtagh, General Manager – Business Systems and Regulatory Affairs.</p>
<p>“Objective is reducing costs and resources associated with information management for Nanosonics,” said Mr Murtagh.</p>
<p>“When the business case was established, the cost of human resources and building infrastructure needed to maintain a paper-based system vastly surpassed the cost of an ECM solution”.</p>
<p>Nanosonics predicted that it would cost the equivalent of 5.5 people to manage a paper-based system. Using Objective it is being managed for the equivalent cost of 1.5 people, saving the Company time, money and resources.</p>
<p>Nanosonics has a diverse range of users, including scientists, engineers and designers. Many staff had already had negative experiences with manually managing documents as they found it too laborious and time consuming. The staff took to using Objective’s ECM solution easily and confidently.</p>
<p>“The notification system in Objective allows staff to be updated about documents that need to be reviewed or approved. People are constantly informed and can follow up assigned tasks with ease. In a small company this promotes smooth, efficient and effective business processes,” said Mr Murtagh.</p>
<p>“Objective supports Nanosonics’ core business processes, enabling continual success in the auditing process and production of our launch product, the Trophon 108u which is specifically designed for the disinfection of intracavity and surface ultrasound transducers,” said Mr Murtagh.</p>
<p>Objective will be rolled out to Nanosonics Europe GmbH and further expansion of the solution includes continuing to integrate with existing internal systems such as financial systems that support their key line of business.</p>
<p>To find out more about Nanosonics please visit the Company’s website:</p>
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