Steve Jobs: Events That Kept the Apple CEO In the Spotlight

Steve Jobs: Events That Kept the Apple CEO In the Spotlight

Known for being both creative and temperamental, Apple's Steve Jobs has also made headlines for his relationship with Microsoft's Bill Gates, his Macworld keynotes and his ailing health.

Mac vs PC Translates to Jobs vs Gates

Apple and Microsoft have long been pitted against one another, but they're not always bitter rivals. Since the 1970s, Jobs and Gates have collaborated, and more than once appeared together at industry events. In 1997, at the annual Wall Street Journal function "D: All Things Digital Conference" they even spent time joking about each other. That same year, Microsoft invested in Apple to keep it afloat-a decision that prompted many Apple fans to call Jobs a sellout.

The Mac and PC commercials reflect the image each company portrays, as well as how the founders are revered. In 1996, Apple started the competition with a commercial that positioned Mac to be the hip choice. In September 2008, the tide turned and Microsoft aired a commercial featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates. In the end though, Microsoft's commercial got a bad rap. As always, Jobs ended up as the cool guy and Gates as the dweeb.

Jobs' "Death" and Other Health Rumours

Not everyone's surgery makes headlines, but since his 2004 pancreatic cancer surgery, Jobs' health has been a widely discussed topic.

By 2008, reports of his death began to circulate when Bloomberg accidentally released his obituary. Of course Gawker then published it online in case anyone missed it. Nearing the end of 2008 Jobs' weight loss was the next topic of health-related discussion. Just five days after 2009 began, Jobs finally spoke out, saying he suffers from a hormone imbalance. And the now that [[artnid:273350|Jobs has actually stepped down, the speculation about exactly what is wrong with him continues|news].

The Famous Macworld Keynotes

Rumors immediately spread as to the reason of Jobs' no-show this year, some suggesting that it was due to his ailing health. It's not a huge shock to many that this year marks Apple's final showing at Macworld, but it's still a downer, especially since Jobs didn't do the final keynote speech. Though |Jobs' keynotes came to an end after 25 years, at least his Stevenotes are still alive and well.

Though not every story about Steve Jobs that's gone public has been a rosy one, each one has kept Jobs in the public eye. After all, any publicity is good publicity. Isn't it?

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