Blog: Are We Working 9 to 5? Gen Y, Social Networks, and Accountability

Blog: Are We Working 9 to 5? Gen Y, Social Networks, and Accountability

Now let's look at other related article listed at the bottom of that online page:

Flex-time: Want a Four-day Workweek? IT is Key

Here's an excerpt: "The state of Utah recently announced a one-year trial of a four-day workweek where most non-essential services are shut down on Fridays to save more than US$3 million in utility costs. Across the country, other organizations, such as the Hawaiian state government, have disclosed similar plans..."

Assumption: I'm not working on Fridays.

Herein lies the problem. We have millions of people who's defintion of work is, like the movie, "Working 9 to 5." Many employees don't want to take work home with them. Our workplace rules are for everyone, and we all have rules. We have union rules, sick pay, overtime pay, on call pay and more. Is the boss paying extra to have you work at Starbucks?

I don't want to be alarmist, but we're talking about redefining everything. The "just trust your workers" argument falls apart the first time a talented young journalist writes an article on how your hard-earned tax dollars, which now are being spent to bailout Wall Street, major banks and insurance companies, are suppoting visits to fantasy baseball.

These are just a few of the hard questions that need to be answered. Yes, I am an optimist. No, I haven't figured it all out yet. We'll get there eventually. The answer, it seems to me, must include new answers for accountability.

Jarina D'Auria ends her Gen Y defense with these words, "The fact is, I’m different, I’m better and I’m tired of hearing otherwise. Ignore me at your peril, old folk. It’s my time."

Maybe so. But a valid question is whether we're paying you for that time.

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