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Websense Delivers Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Software and Web Gateway Integration

Websense has announced the availability of the Websense® Data Security Suite version 7 and the new Websense Data Security Endpoint
  • 21 October, 2008 11:25

<p>Sydney, 21 October, 2008-- To protect organisations from the growing threat of data loss, Websense, Inc. (NASDAQ: WBSN), has announced the availability of the Websense® Data Security Suite version 7 and the new Websense Data Security Endpoint. The new software extends the company's leading network-based data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities to the endpoint, preventing data loss on remote laptops and removable media devices. Version 7 also delivers the industry's first integrated DLP and Web security functionality in a single Web gateway.</p>
<p>The new software is the latest addition to the company's award-winning DLP portfolio and accelerates Websense technology leadership in a market that research firm Frost &amp; Sullivan projects will grow to US$2.1 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 41.1 percent.</p>
<p>Websense DLP technology is considered a market leader by analyst firms and in less than two years, Websense has delivered three major product releases of Websense Data Security Suite and tripled the install base.</p>
<p>Integration with the New Websense Web Security Gateway</p>
<p>Websense data security solutions are the only DLP offerings in the industry that integrate with a Web security solution, giving customers unique visibility and control over where confidential data can be sent.</p>
<p>For customers that want to have a single Web gateway control point for their Web and data security, the Websense Data Security Suite is available together with the new Websense Web Security Gateway on a single multi-function gateway delivered and supported by Websense. Using the solutions together provides integrated functionality and includes a single Web gateway control point with SSL decryption, granular geographic location visibility, real-time user identification and policy enforcement, and Web destination awareness and control.</p>
<p>New Websense Data Security Endpoint</p>
<p>Websense Data Security Endpoint solves the challenges of protecting data in an increasingly mobile workforce. The new endpoint extends market-leading DLP to the endpoint, whether the user is on or off the network. Unlike other endpoint data security technologies, the Websense Data Security Endpoint focuses on the data itself, and protects that data regardless of the device or application in use. Websense applies content-aware data protection across the broadest array of communication channels in the industry, such as the Web, instant messaging, peer-2-peer, removable media, print, FTP, CD/DVD burning and more.</p>
<p>Accurate discovery and protection of data at the endpoint is critical. While other endpoint solutions rely on less accurate methods like keywords and regular expressions or lack endpoint data discovery capabilities altogether, Websense applies the industry's most accurate local discovery and fingerprinting technology PreciseID™ at the endpoint. This ensures that organisations can precisely scan and discover confidential data on any endpoint and then protect that data.</p>
<p>Additionally, Websense Data Security Endpoint is the only solution that allows application control around specific data at the endpoint. While other vendors offer rigid application control, such as never allowing printing, Websense enables organisations to set granular policies around specific data.</p>
<p>For example, organisations need to allow remote workers such as their sales team to access and use customer relationship management (CRM) systems, but they also need to protect that sensitive customer data. With Websense, an organisation can set policies that prevent specific sensitive customer information from being copied and pasted or printed while allowing the same sales person to print, copy and paste information that is not deemed sensitive. This flexibility enables business productivity while eliminating the risk of data loss.</p>
<p>"Today's workforce is more mobile and global than ever before, with employees using and accessing essential data, such as customer information, design documents or financials, from multiple devices, anytime and anywhere around the world," said Phil Vasic, ANZ Country Manager, Websense. "Locking things down is not only unrealistic, it hinders business growth. That's why we are delivering the new Websense Data Security Endpoint. With this new addition to our data security solutions, our customers can safely 'say yes' to employees using and accessing sensitive information, whether on a laptop or USB device, while protecting that data from misuse or loss."</p>
<p>Product Availability</p>
<p>The Websense Data Security Suite with new Websense Data Security Endpoint and the Websense Web Security Gateway are generally available today. To evaluate the solutions visit:</p>
<p>About Websense, Inc.</p>
<p>Websense, Inc. (NASDAQ: WBSN), a global leader in integrated Web, email and data security solutions, provides Essential Information Protection™ for more than 42 million employees at more than 50,000 organisations worldwide. Distributed through its global network of channel partners, Websense software and hosted security solutions help organisations block malicious code, prevent the loss of confidential information and enforce Internet use and security policies. For more information, visit</p>
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