Blog: Personal Job Search Update

Blog: Personal Job Search Update


I wrestled early in this job search with whether to stay independent as a strategic management consultant/Interim CIO or return to a full-time position. I am certain that my apparent indecision (I called it “openness”) for the first four to five months of my job search confused several employers and likely cost me some excellent opportunities.

However, since then, I continue to have an issue with hiring managers who assume that I prefer consulting roles and/or that I am a “job hopper.”

Herein lies the problem: For the past 15 years I have worked for firms undergoing major transitions – startups, spinoffs, acquisitions, firms attacking new markets or developing new technologies and services, turn-around opportunities, and firms needing major business or systems redesigns to remain competitive. In this time, I have helped build and grow numerous successful firms, enabled and mentored many award-winning teams, and together we have created several patentable technologies. My top references include many of these firms’ executives, who acknowledge that my leadership, innovative solutions and drive were a key factor in their success.

Further, as a direct result of those successes, I have participated in a dozen or more M&A transactions, including selling the very technologies, divisions and even the firms that I helped create. These firms and their founders reached their desired exit strategies years ahead of their business plans.

Unfortunately, these successes have also created the appearance of “job-hopping” in my career. Each time I have successfully built a company or product, it has nearly always resulted in its growth nationally, if not internationally, and to its successful acquisition within 12 to 24 months of my start. “Rinse and repeat” that successful cycle, as I have throughout my career, and I now have a challenge in managing others’ perceptions of my career.

When hiring managers and executive recruiters ask me about this, I have explained the above and provided them with references to support these facts. Many times, these situations then become my strongest interviews and opportunities, since I have clearly demonstrated my ability to deliver successful solutions in difficult situations.

But of course, I have no idea how many others have simply filed my resume without explanation. (This is one subject that I am continually looking for advice and improvement on from resume writers, career counselors, and executive recruiters.)

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