Blog: How To Avoid a Layoff? Focus on Customer Service

Blog: How To Avoid a Layoff? Focus on Customer Service

In all of these examples, you are working first to get positively noticed and then to make yourself indispensible to key decision makers beyond your own boss.

Once you have their attention, make the most of it! Speak up and volunteer to assist in ways you can, but don’t over-promise! Be absolutely sure you can deliver, because dependability is more important than your promise.

Then, after you have successfully assisted one of your key internal customers, speak up and politely ask them to rate your internal customer service. Make sure your boss and HR get their response, as well.

Finally, one last tip. As the saying goes, “One ‘Awww, sh____’ trumps two ‘Atta-boys.’” Don’t ever, ever bad-mouth the company, your boss, or your team mates. Not in person, not online, not over a couple beers after work, not ever. Assume that nothing is anonymous, and nothing is off the record. Pay heed to Miranda – What you say can and will be used against you.

What other suggestions can you add to this list? Are there other criteria someone should measure against to identify their best internal customers to target? Are there any negatives to this approach?

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