Blog: 8 Ways to Fight Globalization's Negative Impact on Your Job Search

Blog: 8 Ways to Fight Globalization's Negative Impact on Your Job Search

2. Other indicators include recent acquisition by a larger holding or investment firm, significant stock movement to offshore owners, and significant or consistent movement offshore of major assets and/or processes. You can find this kind of information in SEC filings, industry investment tracking analysts, and even the firms’ own websites and press releases. Other sources might include publications and websites like Barrons, Wall Street Journal, Fortune,, and Yahoo Finance.

3. Finally, a key indicator is the age of the major executives. If they are unusually young (especially if their resumes are not indicative of comparable executives’ experience in the industry), and/or if their age is significantly younger than the firm’s Board members’ average ages, then that may be a sign that the firm doesn't value experience. You can find the age of top executives and board members in companies’ 10-K SEC filings, in their website bio pages, and other sources. You may also be able to infer their ages from their profiles on sites like LinkedIn, MySpace, FaceBook, ZoomInfo, or

Become a Big Fish in a Smaller Pond

Sometimes it makes sense to specifically target smaller firms. These can be competitors in your same industry, upstream and downstream vendors, and even firms and industries where you can easily transfer your skills and experience to. For example, a former import-export senior executive I know transitioned to a mid-sized software firm specializing in supply chain and warehouse management systems.

Look Overseas

With a recession here in the US, key jobs being sourced overseas, and some studies showing that other countries’ IT industries are improving fast, one option for some job seekers may be to go where the best jobs are. As one executive reader pointed out, “the most successful hunters have always been those willing to expand their hunting range” further than their competitors.

Getting a few years of international experience will help you land a job stateside. Major management consulting firms are looking for individuals with international leadership experience and who are willing to travel or temporarily relocate. Consulting firm leaders are facing a growing need for mentors to cultivate deeper industry expertise in their consulting teams. Individuals who combine real technology acumen and international business experience are incredibly valuable, and, difficult to find. (“The New Tech Boom – IT Consulting Is Thriving After All”).

But what if .... The above strategies are focused on finding alternatives to organizations and industries that have already succumbed to this short-sighted focus. But what if your dream job at your top targeted company opens up, and your research leads you to suspect that the organization’s management culture may value expedience over experience. While lying to land a job is never a good idea, “managing your boss” and setting expectations are. Mr. Gray has some suggestions that may help you adjust your approach to succeed in this specific circumstance.

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