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NetApp Guarantees Customers Will Use 50% Less Storage for Virtual Environments

In an unprecedented announcement today, NetApp offered customers a guarantee* that they will use 50% less storage in their virtual environments with NetApp® compared to traditional storage. NetApp wants to assure customers who choose NetApp and leverage its unique storage-efficiency technologies that they will reduce their overall storage usage while improving performance.
  • 01 October, 2008 13:49

<p>Unique NetApp Storage-Efficiency Features Help Customers Reduce Overall Storage Capacity</p>
<p>Sydney, AUSTRALIA — October 1, 2008—In an unprecedented announcement today, NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) offered customers a guarantee* that they will use 50% less storage in their virtual environments with NetApp® compared to traditional storage. NetApp wants to assure customers who choose NetApp and leverage its unique storage-efficiency technologies that they will reduce their overall storage usage while improving performance.</p>
<p>“The pressure for cost reduction has led to the rapid adoption of storage-efficiency technologies such as thin provisioning, deduplication, RAID-DP®, and Snapshot™, which come standard on NetApp systems,” said Roger Mannett, Director of Marketing for NetApp Australia and New Zealand. “Our customers are consistently realising unprecedented space savings greater than 70% with these technologies in their virtual infrastructures. We’re so confident about our space-saving features that we are assuring customers they will use at least 50% less storage in their virtual desktop and server environments.”</p>
<p>According to industry estimates, storage utilisation rates average 25–40%. This means that the average IT organisation does not use more than half the storage they buy. In addition, much of the data stored on disk is redundant. This is especially true in virtual server environments in which the same server operating system and application software are stored repeatedly in each virtual machine. Not only is this a waste of storage, it is a waste of power and floor space—all of which increase IT costs.</p>
<p>NetApp has long specialised in driving inefficiencies out of customers’ data centres. As NetApp’s expertise and feature-set have grown, it has proven to reduce 50% of customers’ storage, even for those on the leading edge of efficiency techniques using traditional storage. As a result, today NetApp is confident that customers will use 50% less storage, although the average customer savings are often greater. By following established best practices implemented by NetApp Professional Services and utilising storage-efficiency technologies designed into the NetApp Data ONTAP® operating system, customers can save capacity and tap into the unrealised potential of their virtual infrastructure with these standard features:</p>
<p>· Thin Provisioning—Improve storage utilisation with NetApp FlexVol® by aggregating unused capacity across storage volumes and share it dynamically across all applications as needs change.</p>
<p>· Deduplication—Quickly and easily eliminate redundant copies of data on primary, archive, and backup data to gain maximum value from current storage investments and better utilise existing storage capacity.</p>
<p>· RAID-DP—Safeguard data from double disk failure with RAID-DP, NetApp’s unique implementation of RAID 6 that provides protection without compromising performance, even for the most demanding applications. RAID-DP provides higher protection and performance levels than RAID 10 without the high-capacity overhead.</p>
<p>· Snapshot—Rapidly recover data from a point-in-time copy and better protect data with no performance impact and minimal consumption of storage space.</p>
<p>Customers in Australia and New Zealand - and anywhere in the world - who purchase a new system for their virtual desktop and server environment can take advantage of this Program. If customers don't use 50% less storage after following best practices, NetApp will provide the additional capacity as needed to meet the shortfall at no additional charge, up to 50% of the original capacity purchased. Qualifying service delivery is available from NetApp Global Services or participating Authorised Professional Service Partners in Networked Storage for Virtualized Platforms.</p>
<p>For more information, visit, where you can access the new NetApp Storage Efficiency Calculator to evaluate your current environment and learn how NetApp storage-efficiency technologies can lead to higher storage utilisation.</p>
<p>To learn more about the latest in NetApp and industry deduplication news, visit NetApp’s Dr. Dedupe Blog at</p>
<p>Discuss this news in the NetApp Community, where you can exchange thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics with our community members. Collaborate with our company, engage in conversation with NetApp leaders and employees, and participate in our passion to go further, faster. Join now at</p>
<p>About NetApp</p>
<p>NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that accelerate business breakthroughs and deliver outstanding cost efficiency. Discover our passion for helping companies around the world go further, faster at</p>
<p>*This guarantee and related Program is limited to the terms set forth in applicable only to prospective orders placed after the Program effective date and is dependent upon your compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in this document and any of the instruction sets and specifications set forth in the referenced documents. NetApp’s sole and exclusive liability and your sole and exclusive remedy associated with the terms of this guarantee and related Program is the provision by NetApp of the additional storage capacity as set forth in this guarantee and related Program.</p>
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