Management 2.0? That’ll Be the Day

Management 2.0? That’ll Be the Day

Many organizations and management strategists are grappling with, is the concept of Management 2.0, a new style of management supposedly better suited to the Web 2.0 age

Unaware of Potential

Some companies will face serious barriers to moving towards a new Web 2.0-enabled paradigm of management.

Corporate behaviour specialist Colin Chodos, managing director at Sydney-based CCS, says he recently informally surveyed some 1200 CEOs of Australian SMEs about their experience using Web 2.0 products and services. He found less than 10 per cent had any real experience with the tools or techniques. Most were unaware of the potential these new technologies might bring to their businesses. “The current business barriers to Management 2.0 could therefore lie in the generational issue of leaders who are unfamiliar with trends and solutions championed by their CIOs,” Chodos says.

“Significant education strategies need to be explored that will enable business leaders to understand the changing skills required to take advantage of Management 2.0. For example: ‘How do I as a new-age manager find time to sift through massive loads of content and opinion to extract trends that will help key business decision making?’ In the past this skill has been the domain of the professional researcher. Today a possible barrier, but in the future this ability to process information at a corporate level will be a competitive advantage,” Chodos says.

Managers also must have the desire to move towards a new style of management — by no means a given says US business coach Alan Hill, president of Minneapolis-based DMZ Properties.

“Currently belief in the pyramid system tells managers that to give up control is to give up power, something any sane manager would be loath to do after having worked and ‘schemed’ so hard to get where they are. Their view would be: ‘I played by the rules, why shouldn’t everyone else have to?’,” Hall says.

Then again, Management 2.0 is all about breaking those rules.

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