Management 2.0? That’ll Be the Day

Management 2.0? That’ll Be the Day

Many organizations and management strategists are grappling with, is the concept of Management 2.0, a new style of management supposedly better suited to the Web 2.0 age

Sidebar | On the Precipice?

While we’re still trying to reconcile Management 1.0 and 2.0, one observer says it’s three times lucky

Forget Management 2.0, says Terrence Seamon, portfolio manager at American Management Association. We are actually on the precipice of Management 3.0.

According to Seamon, Management 1.0 was Taylorism Management, which focused on efficiency. Management 2.0 was Participative Management which accompanied the quality movement and focused on customer and process. Now, he says, we are entering a new era of management that recognizes the individuality of each employee, their strengths and their aspirations.

“Management 3.0 is about engaging and unleashing people and trusting that they will do what the organization needs to have,” Seamon says. He believes we are witnessing a paradigm shift in organizations worldwide:

  • from focus on weaknesses to focus on strengths
  • from appraisal to appreciation
  • from “our way or the highway” to flexibility
  • from “one size fits all” to customization
  • from “command and control” to engage and energize

“Call it the positive workplace movement, or the employee engagement movement, or the strengths-based movement, or the appreciative Inquiry movement, or whatever. It is happening,” Seamon says. “It is a very good thing, destined to awaken joy, meaning and commitment in the workplace.”

“Somebody once said that it’s a curse to live in interesting times. I disagree. To me, it’s a gift . . . and an opportunity,” Seamon says

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