24 Alternative Careers for Tech Workers That Aren't in IT

24 Alternative Careers for Tech Workers That Aren't in IT

With IT departments laying off staff to cut costs and a grim outlook for IT job growth in 2009, now's a good time for tech workers to get out of IT. Here's a list of jobs tech workers could easily switch into. (But hold onto your hats, some may really surprise you.)

If you're a tech worker, now's a good time to consider getting out of the IT profession. For good.

Tech jobs in the US are vanishing faster than pot brownies at a String Cheese Incident concert. In all seriousness, the outlook for IT job growth in 2009 is dismal. Software as a service is rendering traditional IT skills irrelevant. And layoffs, outsourcing and incompetent managers are pushing IT workers over the edge. They've arguably never been more miserable in their careers than they are now.

Who needs it?

Certainly, you don't. That's why CIO compiled a list of jobs outside of IT that different tech workers could easily move into based on their strengths, skills and their unique thought processes. The list is by no means exhaustive; it's designed to spark your imagination. You may be surprised by just how transferable your IT skills are.

IT Project Manager

Good project managers are organized, disciplined, studied and deadline-driven. They're known for being able to orchestrate the activities of lots of different people, to balance competing priorities and to juggle many activities simultaneously. They also often have to deal with totally unreasonable "customers" and deadlines, which is why they'd make good...

Wedding/Event Planners: Making sure a wedding comes off without a hitch will seem like a breeze after dealing with the millions of variables involved in a software project. Dealing with Bridezilla, however...well, perhaps not so much.

Professional Organizers: You can use your organizational skills to get other people's lives in order, and you'll make a bundle doing it.

Personal Trainers/Martial Arts Instructor: Use your self-discipline to discipline others into getting in shape.

Symphony Conductors: If you're musically inclined, you can combine your ability to keep teams of people on task with your musical interests to conduct an orchestra.

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