Blog: The Impact of Globalization on Executive Job Searches and Economic Prosperity

Blog: The Impact of Globalization on Executive Job Searches and Economic Prosperity

Again, this is not to say that executive job searches in this day and age are futile unless you're in you're early 30s. I don't want to leave anyone with the impression that you can't get an executive-level job no matter how hard you try because of these economic forces. I bring this information to you to give you a mental break in a way, to make your realize that it's not solely your fault you can't get a job, to make you realize that you're not finding a job because you're not qualified. I just want to raise the idea that you might be having trouble finding a senior executive job because of these larger forces at work.

That being said, I still find opportunities from this information. I believe the key takeaways from Gray's research are that networking skills are still the strongest leading indicator of your long-term career success. That is, your ability to network with other individuals, both internally and in your industry when working, and externally while investigating new opportunities, is the best way to plumb a company's culture, it's executives' leadership styles, and it's true decision-makers. Now armed with Gray's research on these trends, I hope that you will start taking a much harder look at these kinds of cultural indicators as you are prospecting and interviewing for your next great opportunity.

And if Gray is correct, and if this trend is growing globally, then innovative, privately-held firms and name-brand management consulting firms are the place to be for hard-charging executives with stellar experience. Until, of course, those firms get bought out, too. :-|

I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on this potentially divisive subject.

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